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The Way Your Small Business Phone System Should Be

GoToConnect offers all the features of a business phone system for one affordable price.

The advantages of VoIP as a small business phone system

The benefits of VoIP services for small business makes them the popular choice.


Save on communication

The days of expensive, contract-locked phone systems are over. Modern VoIP phone systems let you cut the costs with pay-as-you-go plans that don’t require upfront investments in equipment.


Scale as you grow

With VoIP for small business, you don’t need to call your provider every time you need a new extension or number. The systems run in the cloud, which means you can easily make changes online and keep pace with your business growth.


Set up without IT

Don’t have the IT resources to dedicate to managing phone systems? Not a problem. You can set up your small business with VoIP calling, voicemail, automated attendants and more without trouble.


Stay connected anywhere

Small business VoIP solutions are designed to let your team make and receive calls on any device – desk phones, laptops and mobile devices. So wherever you or your employees may go, you’ll always be within reach.

Why choose GoToConnect?

GoToConnect makes small business VoIP remarkably simple and amazingly affordable. With clear pricing, high reliability and 24/7 customer support, GoToConnect can help your small business stay connected, no matter where your employees work from.


For one all-inclusive price, GoToConnect offers over 100 VoIP features to help small businesses communicate more effectively. We don't nickel and dime – you get all the power of GoToConnect for a price that fits your budget.


Our VoIP service is among the best reviewed and highest rated. And with a history of 99.99% uptime for VoIP, GoToConnect is as dependable as they come. GoToConnect is also backed by LogMeIn, one of the world’s top 10 public SaaS companies.


With GoToConnect, you have a single pane of glass to make changes to your small business phone solution on the fly. Our management portal also gives you the insights and analytics to see how your employees are communicating and collaborating.


Make your phone system work the way your small business does. Calls can go straight to individuals or a specific team during the day, and an auto-attendant can pick up after hours or on holidays, providing a professional greeting and business information for customers. With GoToConnect, you can plan your calling schedule up to a year in advance.


No matter how your team talks, GoToConnect makes it simple. Extension-dial anyone on your network – in the office or on another continent. Page a group, transfer a call to voicemail, connect everyone on a conference bridge, meet face to face with video conferencing and listen to voicemail on almost any device.


Do business worldwide from the location of your choice. GoToConnect allows you to work from home and on the go just as if you were in the office. It’s the best small business phone solution for a distributed team, since remote workers can easily use their smartphones as business phones by simply downloading an app.

All the small business phone features you need



Provide callers with automated answering and call routing without live assistance.

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Video Conferencing

Meet face to face with co-workers or customers while saving on travel expenses.

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Mobile Apps

Take your business communications with you on your iOS or Android device.

Call Forwarding

Forward your extension to any cell phone, landline or co-worker.

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Virtual Voicemail

Listen to voicemail messages from anywhere – internet, mobile device or outside line.

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Ring Groups

Ring everyone in a chosen group when a particular extension is dialed.

Free International Calling

Call 52 countries worldwide for free and get the lowest calling rates for the rest.

Call Analytics

Monitor your call patterns for performance tracking and improvement.

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Why do I need a small business phone system?

If you have an office with a growing team who need a more powerful calling solution, but you don’t have the budget to afford or manage your own telephone network equipment, then a small business phone system like GoToConnect is a smart choice for your communication needs.

The best phone system for your small business strikes the right balance of feature functionality, affordability and usability. And more than ever, our VoIP services for small businesses fit the bill.

Our VoIP phone system will give your small business everything you need for communications at enterprise quality – but without the enterprise costs.

Small Business Phone System Frequently Asked Questions

What is VoIP?
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is long way of saying web calls. VoIP technology transmits your voice as digital data online, while regular phones use analog signals along the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Outside of how it’s transmitted, VoIP does everything a regular phone line can, plus a whole lot more.
How do I choose the best phone system for my small business?
When looking for the best small business phone system, check to see whether your contenders are:

– Affordable. Cloud-based small business phone systems can offer enterprise-grade features without the high costs.
– Mobile. The phone system should have well-rated mobile apps so you and your employees can be productive, no matter where you are.
– Scalable. As your company grows, so should your phone system.
– Professional. Custom greetings, ring groups, call analytics and other advanced features help you improve your customer experience.
– Reliable. There’s no excuse for downtime. The best small business phone solutions have reliability rates of 99.99%.
How much does a small business phone system cost?
It can vary widely. But compared to traditional phone plans, small business phone systems are much more affordable when you choose a hosted VoIP provider. GoToConnect offers everything you’ll need for business VoIP for one low, monthly per-seat price. Plans start at $19.95, with custom pricing available for large numbers of users. Learn more
What is a PBX system for small business
A PBX (private branch exchange) system is a phone system that connects your office phones to the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN). For small businesses, the PBX manages incoming and outgoing calls, both from internal extensions and external numbers. Without a PBX system, you can’t direct calls to specific departments or employees. Newer PBX systems are cloud-based, which simplifies setup and lowers costs.
How long does a small business phone system last?
Depends on what type of phone system you have. If you’re using a traditional, on-premises phone system, one you maintain in office, then the average lifespan is five to seven years.

On the other hand, a cloud-based phone system is future-proof. There’s no planned obsolescence or expiration. The system’s equipment and software are managed and maintained by the provider, not you. That means you always have the latest technology, features and applications – as well as a small business phone solution you can truly rely on.

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