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Provide nationwide toll-free service to add value and convenience for customers.

What are toll-free numbers?

Commonly used in the United States and Canada, toll-free phone numbers use certain prefixes that are associated with a free calling line. Rather than regional or city-specific area codes, toll-free numbers include 800 numbers such as 800, 877, 888, 886, and others. The toll-free numbers are assigned by a service provider called the “Responsible Organization” (RespOrg).

The FCC has established rules and regulations about toll-free numbers. One FCC requirement is that toll-free phone numbers must be portable. This rule means that a toll-free number subscriber can move their number to a new service provider (RespOrg).

Toll-free numbers are free of charge for customers when they are making the call within a country like the United States. Callers can use landlines, cell phones, or a VoiP phone system when making toll-free calls. There are charges for the caller if they call a toll-free number from outside of the country.

The advantages of toll-free numbers

A toll-free business number or vanity phone number provides a key competitive advantage.

  • National Presence

    A toll-free number enables businesses to convey their legitimacy and removes the perception of being only a small or local business. Additionally, having a toll-free number for your small business is an invitation for your audience to easily connect with your company to make purchases via phone calls or get customer or tech support for free.
  • Distinct Communications Channels

    As a small business, you might use your cell phone number as your business number. By getting a free business number, you can separate your personal phone number from your company phone number, and help you keep personal and business calls separate. Having these distinct communication channels can help create a more professional image for your brand.
  • Access to Sophisticated Analytics

    Free numbers can help your business acquire marketing research since it’s simple to add extensions to a toll-free number. By designating a specific extension for a Facebook ad, a print ad, etc., companies can easily assess the profitability and performance of specific marketing strategies, mediums, or campaigns.
  • Value-Added Feature

    Providing another communication option for your customers is a way to respond to their desire for choices. With a toll-free number, your customers can decide if they call you, or if they use one of your other options like email or chat.

Why choose GoTo Connect?

GoTo Connect is a cloud phone system that provides your small business with a powerful, scalable, and affordable way to enhance communications, collaboration, and productivity between you and your customers or your team.

Number Porting

When you move to GoTo Connect, you can transfer your existing business telephone number or vanity number, including area code, from your current provider and bring it to GoTo Connect. Transferring an existing telephone number means you won't have to spend time or money to produce new business collateral like advertising, business cards, and marketing materials to alert your customers and prospects.

Cloud PBX

Our cloud PBX system delivers low startup costs and fast deployment, getting you up and running in less than a day. Cloud-based technology eliminates bulky hardware so your team members can work from anywhere, using any device they choose. Plus, it is highly flexible and easy to reconfigure, allowing you to add or reduce capacity as your organization changes.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

GoTo Connect transforms your phone system into a desktop and mobile platform so it can travel with you or any of your team members. Access your GoTo Connect voice, video, text, and chat features everywhere you need them with GoTo Connect Mobile, GoTo Connect Desktop, and GoTo Connect Web.

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Other features

  • Call Forwarding

    Forward your extension to any cell phone, landline, or co-worker.

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  • Virtual Fax

    Send and receive unlimited faxes from your email inbox.

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  • Mobile Apps

    Take your business communications with you on your iOS or Android device.
  • Virtual Voicemail

    Listen to voicemail messages from anywhere – internet, mobile device or outside line.

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  • VoIP Calling

    All employees can answer a call, place it on hold and have someone else pick it up.

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  • Hosted PBX

    Get a single cloud-based communication platform for voice, chat, text, and meetings.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, porting is possible, so you don't have to get a new number if you switch service providers. We have a number transfer form and can port your existing toll-free phone number once we complete the number transfer process.

Yes, you can log in to your GoTo Connect account and add more telephone numbers. It's common for businesses to have a toll-free number and a local number to provide access for customers on a local and national basis.

Yes, your toll-free business number will show as the caller ID when you make outgoing calls through your GoTo Connect desktop or mobile app.

Toll-free numbers operate differently when a cell phone or mobile device is used instead of a landline. Calling a toll-free number from a cell phone is only free if you have an unlimited cellular plan. If you have a per-minute cellular plan, then calling toll-free numbers will use the minutes available in your plan. Should you go over those minutes while calling a toll-free number, you will be charged for those additional minutes.

The per minute rate is $0.019/minute for all incoming calls using a toll-free number.

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