Check your voice messages without calling voicemail

With GoTo Connect's virtual voicemail you can check your voicemail messages by email, text, web app, or transcript. Even if you can't get to the phone, you'll never miss another conversation.

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"The changeover from our old system to GoTo Connect was completed in the middle of the chaos of COVID, as employees shifted to working from home and as we adopted different processes and strategies. The rollout was really fast, easy, simple, and smooth, almost plug and play. It didn’t even feel like we moved from one system to another"
Karen Hoflin, Vice President Go Insurance
"Goto Connect was easy for our remote team to all download on their computers and use at home. Due to Covid we went mobile with very little notice. This program was easy for our team to learn to use to make calls, create voicemails, manage call backs, etc. It was also easy for our leads and supervisors to monitor activity and follow up on our teams performance. We could control turning lines on and off easily."
Shanna K., Supervisor/Call Center Manager 8/10 stars, review via Capterra
"Fortunately, we converted to GoTo Connect before COVID-19 hit. Thank God it’s there. We would have been in deep trouble because we had to shut down and were not allowed to go into the office. It has helped us survive."
John Woods, President Durham Travel

Because you can't always answer your phone

Just because you're working doesn't mean you can catch every call as it comes through or spend precious time listening to every single voicemail, one by one, in the order they were received.

GoTo Connect's virtual voicemail system stores your voicemail messages in the cloud, so you can confidently stay on top of every missed call – without the usual voicemail headaches.

  • Listen to messages instantly, in the order you want to hear them, via the web app or your email inbox.
  • Get email or SMS notifications of who called and when – so you never miss returning an important call.
  • No time to listen? Simply read the auto-generated transcripts via email instead.
Collage of GoTo Connect voicemail inbox with audio transcription and father showing daughter how to skateboard.

What can you do with virtual voicemail?

Listen to your voicemail messages in any order, from anywhere

With GoTo Connect's cloud voicemail service, each of your voicemail messages gets stored as a separate audio file in the cloud.

Instantly listen to your voicemail messages in the order you want, when you want, through your GoTo Connect desktop app, web app, an outside line, or through the audio files sent to your email inbox.

Collage of remote employee listening to voicemail while on the go, with voicemail playback options and message duration.

But that's not all you get with GoTo Connect

  • Unlimited cloud storage

    Voice messages are stored in the cloud for easy access via web, mobile, or desktop app, or an outside line.
  • Visual call flow editor

    Easily map out each new extension so it automatically rolls over to the next line. Read more
  • Unlimited voicemail boxes

    Set up a new voicemail inbox for any number of extensions you create.
  • Shared voicemail boxes

    Enable a department or team to share a voicemail box with a single password,
  • Voicemail for ring groups

    Create a voicemail box for ring groups so everyone is notified of new voicemails.
  • Auto attendants

    Provide callers with automated answering and call routing without live assistance. Read more

What is GoTo Connect?

GoTo Connect is a fully customizable cloud phone system designed to help your business function seamlessly, no matter where your teams are working.

When you sign up for a plan, you don't just get a VoIP phone service: you get an entire package of phone and virtual meeting tools that support your team in doing their best work, all the time.

Explore all GoTo Connect features
  • Placing a video on GoTo Connect using a desk phone with touchscreen

    Phone lines & calling

    Includes number porting, call forwarding, hot desking, local, toll free, and vanity numbers, call queuing, and auto-attendants
  • A chat conversation taking in place in GoTo Connect’s chat interface, with options to start a voice call or video meeting from the chat screen.

    Meetings & chat

    Includes instant team messaging, audio conferencing with over 30 countries, and one-click call-to-video-meetings
  • Two analytics panels from GoTo Connect, showing Total Active Calls and progress bars for Daily Queue Totals.

    Support & analytics

    Includes real-time analytics, inbound and outbound call monitoring, and agent effectiveness reporting

Top-rated on G2 and Capterra

  • G2 Leader Badge, Spring 2022
    Leader in G2's Spring 2022
  • review-G2-min-png
    4.5 stars from 622 reviews on G2
  • review-capterra-min-png
    4.5 stars from 578 reviews on Capterra

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Frequently asked questions

Nope! Virtual voicemail, along with robust phone, meeting, and chat features are included with every GoTo Connect plan. Click here to see the full breakdown of what you get with a GoTo Connect plan.
You can check your voicemail messages six easy ways with GoTo Connect's cloud voicemail service:
  1. By calling voicemail from your internal phone by pressing *99 (or the voicemail button)
  2. By dialing in from another internal office phone by pressing *98 and then entering your extension number
  3. Calling your extension from an outside line and pressing * when voicemail plays
  4. Through your GoTo Connect user portal or the web app on your smartphone
  5. As emails sent to your Inbox with individual audio files and transcripts attached
  6. As text messages sent to your smartphone with audio files attached
Your GoTo Connect free trial includes most features of our Standard plan – such as unlimited voice calls, video conferencing, and messaging. The free trial, however, does limit you to only 5 users, and one (1) of each of the following features: custom dial plan, ring group, recorded greeting, voicemail, and call queue. All other admin features are unlimited.