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Help your team connect from anywhere with ready-to-go VoIP phone hardware plus a GoTo Connect cloud phone system.

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VoIP compatible phones for GoTo Connect help you create a cloud phone system that makes flexible work easy. Give your team the hardware they’re most comfortable with – and let them get work done wherever they like: the office, home office, or anywhere with an internet connection.

All phones are available in US. For all other regions, please contact sales to determine availability.

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Why GoTo Connect?

  • Easy customization

    Customize your own cloud phone system with unlimited extensions and dial plans.
  • Streamlined IT

    Eliminate on-premise hosting and cut IT costs by consolidating to a single solution.
  • Top-notch reliability

    You can count on our 99% uptime, enterprise-grade security, and 24/7 support.

Frequently asked questions

A VoIP desktop phone is a telephone that uses voice over IP technology to send and receive calls over the internet. They look and function much like standard analog desk phones, but connect to a cloud phone system via Ethernet or Wi-Fi instead of to a traditional landline. This way, employees can make and receive calls from virtually anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. Some VoIP desktop phones even have built-in touchscreens and video conferencing.
Yes, but you’ll need a specialized piece of equipment called an analog telephone adapter (ATA). Plug this device into your old phone’s RJ-11 jack, and your Ethernet cord into the RJ-45 jack on the other end. This will convert the electric signals into data packets that your virtual phone system can transmit.
Much like the way analog phones do – you pick up and dial! But instead of sending your voice over a traditional telephone network, VoIP phones transmit your call over your internet or Wi-Fi connection. And since VoIP handles everything online, you can also use softphones on your desktop or even mobile apps for business VoIP calls. This allows VoIP phones to do everything an old landline does, plus a whole lot more!
VoIP phone services let you call almost anyone you’d like! GoTo Connect is no exception. With our virtual phone system, you can still make calls to customers or prospects who have analog phones, cordless phones, mobile phones – any phone at all. There’s no extra hurdle or setting to change. Calls are as seamless as you’d expect for a business phone service, and the quality top-notch.

VoIP phones are either hardware-based or software-based. A hardware-based VoIP phone, also called an IP phone or desk phone, is just like a traditional phone – it has a touchpad, speakerphone button, headset, caller ID display, etc.

Software-based VoIP phones, also called softphones, are apps on your desktop or mobile device. The UI often resembles a regular handset, but modern versions streamline the experience. VoIP softphones offer all the same features, including call transfer, call conferencing and voicemail, but allow you to connect from your own device, without any additional hardware.

No – GoTo Connect works on your desktop or mobile device, too! Simply download the GoTo app on your device to stay connected with calls, video meetings and messaging – wherever, however you like to work.
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