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Business-grade VoIP phones

Empower your communication with ready-to-go VoIP phones for GoToConnect’s virtual phone system.

What is a VoIP phone?

A VoIP phone is a telephone that uses voice over IP technology to send and receive calls over the internet. By converting your voice into a digital cloud-based format, VoIP phones deliver greater flexibility, features, and mobility at a fraction of the cost. Many VoIP phones, also commonly referred to as IP phones, work like your standard analog desk phone but use an Ethernet port (or Wi-Fi adaptor) to connect to your company’s communication network.

GoToConnect is a modern virtual phone system that allows your team to make and take calls on any device they choose, including IP phones that are preconfigured to run our VoIP phone system for easy setup.


The advantages of VoIP phones for businesses

As more companies look for that competitive edge, virtual phone systems offer clear benefits.

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    Reduce your overhead

    Your typical telephone service for business requires you to host and maintain network equipment like a PBX on site. VoIP phones, on the other hand, just need an internet connection – your virtual phone system handles the rest.

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    Take calls anywhere

    Just because an employee is away from their office VoIP phone doesn’t mean they’ll miss a call on their business phone number. The best virtual phone systems can route calls to any number of other devices according to rules you choose.

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    Customize with ease

    VoIP phones offer a more flexible infrastructure. Since the systems are cloud-based, your IT team can make changes online, which means fewer hours managing an analog telephone system and more time for high value projects.

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    Modernize your communications

    Since VoIP phones run on cloud-based software, they can receive updates just like any other online service you depend on. That means your small business will always have the latest and greatest communication features.

Why choose GoToConnect?

GoToConnect makes business VoIP remarkably simple and amazingly affordable. With preconfigured VoIP phones and features for voice, video and more – plus 24/7 customer support – GoToConnect can help your business stay connected.

  • Affordable

    GoToConnect offers a wide variety of IP phones at discount prices, all tested to work on our virtual phone system. Plus, for one all-inclusive monthly rate, you get over 100 VoIP features to help your business communicate more effectively.
  • Reliable

    Our VoIP service is among the best reviewed and highest rated. And with a history of 99.99% uptime for VoIP, GoToConnect is as dependable as they come. GoToConnect is also backed by LogMeIn, one of the world’s top SaaS companies.
  • Scalable

    With GoToConnect, you have a single pane of glass to make changes to your VoIP phones on the fly. Our management portal also gives you the insights and analytics to see how your employees are communicating and collaborating.

Highly secure

GoToConnect is deeply committed to providing secure communications for our VoIP phone customers. We’ve implemented multiple measures so you can rest easy knowing that your calls and data are secure. Our provisioning uses HTTPS, randomly generated URLs and unique PBX identifiers to prevent phishing and fraud, while our encryption-enabled endpoints – that is, our VoIP phones – provide stronger data confidentiality compared to legacy phones on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Business-grade audio

Everyone’s familiar with the tinny sound of a regular phone call. But modern VoIP phones are shaking up the audio landscape. Powered by the GoToConnect virtual phone system, today’s IP phones ensure you always have consistent, static-free calling. GoToConnect operates many redundant datacenters worldwide to reduce latency and boost reliability, and our audio codec offers HD audio quality that can scale along with your bandwidth usage, so you always sound professional – wherever you work.

Easy-to-add extensions

Setting up your calling network and adding lines is simple with GoToConnect. All your extensions are in the cloud, so even if your employees are distributed across several different office locations, they can still connect via a simple extension number. Best of all, you can customize everything online without having to call a technician or tinker around with hardware. Make real-time updates through our visual Dial Plan Editor to map out your extensions, call flows, wait times, auto attendants and more.

Choose the best VoIP phone for your business needs

All phones are available in US. For all other regions, please contact sales to determine availability.

VoIP Phones Frequently Asked Questions

You can, but you’ll need a specialized piece of equipment called an analog telephone adapter (ATA). You plug this device into your old phone’s RJ-11 jack, and your Ethernet cord into the RJ-45 jack on the other end. This will convert the electric signals into data packets that your virtual phone system can transmit.
They work the same way analog phones do – you pick up and dial. But instead of sending your voice over the PSTN, the VoIP phone transmits it over your internet or Wi-Fi connection. And since VoIP handles everything online, you can also use softphones on your desktop or even mobile apps for business VoIP calls. Outside of how it’s transmitted, VoIP does everything an old landline would do, plus a whole lot more.
Don’t worry – most VoIP phone services let you call everyone you’d like. And that includes GoToConnect. With our virtual phone system, you can still make calls to customers or prospects who have analog phones, cordless phones, mobile phones – any phone at all. There’s no extra hurdle or setting to change – the calls are as seamless as you’d expect for a business phone service, and the quality will be even better.

VoIP phones are either hardware-based or software-based. A hardware-based VoIP phone, which is usually called an IP phone, is just like a traditional phone with a touchpad, speakerphone button, headset, caller ID display, etc.

A software-based VoIP phone, called a softphone, is an app on your desktop or mobile device. The UI often resembles a regular handset, but modern versions streamline the experience. VoIP softphones offer all the same features, including call transfer, call conferencing and voicemail.

A traditional phone system, while good for calls, can’t really compete with a VoIP phone. Each feature of an analog phone requires specific hardware components and system configurations to work, which can add to your cost. With VoIP phones, you can access a wide range of business voice features without all the hassle. In the case of GoToConnect, you get over 100 hosted VoIP features – like voicemail boxes, auto attendants, dial plans, conference bridges and more – without any additional charges to your basic monthly price.

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