Number porting with GoTo Connect

Switching to GoTo Connect for your communications needs doesn't have to mean giving your customers a new phone number.

What is number porting?

If you have a long-standing number that your customers know or that has value for your business, we don’t want you to lose it!

Number porting, also known as number transfer, lets you take that existing business telephone number with you, including area code, when you switch from your current provider to GoTo Connect's VoIP service. With your new phone service, you can have land lines and mobile phone numbers ported over through our porting process.

Avoid business chaos with number porting.

Leveraging local number portability from GoTo Connect delivers many benefits for your small business.

  • Save Time and Costs

    Transferring an existing telephone number means you won't have to spend time or money producing new business collateral like advertising, business cards, and marketing materials alerting your customers and prospects.

  • Retain Customers

    Since your business phone number remains the same, customers won't have a difficult time finding you. Plus, if they didn't realize you changed your telephone number and they called the old one, they might think you went out of business.

  • Access Better Technology and Functionality

    You don't have to sacrifice access to the latest technology or functionality just to hold onto your own phone number. Now, you can switch to GoTo Connect for new communications capability without losing your existing number.

  • Advance Your Digital Transformation Goals

    Take advantage of phone number porting and migrate away from your old provider's landline system. With GoTo Connect you’ll add a virtual phone system and cloud capability to your growing list of digital functionality.

Why choose GoTo Connect?

GoTo Connect provides a comprehensive, affordable digital communication solution that helps your business, team, and customers easily connect in the United States, Canada, and around the world. The cloud-based PBX system offers fast set-up, reliability, and top-notch support.

Call Forwarding

Route telephone calls from your personal phone number or business extension to another device, landline, or team member. Our easy-to-use, web-based interface makes it easy to configure our call forwarding feature. There are also fallback settings for automatic call forwarding in case of an emergency.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Run your business from anywhere in the world. No matter where you travel to, you – and your employees – can stay connected to customers and colleagues with GoTo Connect's apps for desktop, iPhone, and Android. Through your desktop, you can use your internet connection to make and receive VoIP calls or text messages, review voicemails, and see your call history. The GoTo Connect mobile app lets you recieve business calls on your personal device, keeping your personal phone number separate from work and business.

Virtual Voicemail

Access GoTo Connect’s cloud-based voicemail system from your email, smartphone, or an outside line. Get your voicemail messages from wherever you work so you can return messages quickly or keep projects moving ahead. Using the virtual voicemail only requires your passcode.

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Other features

  • Virtual Fax

    Send and receive unlimited faxes from your email inbox.
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  • Call Routing

    Get your call connected to the correct endpoint.
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  • Call Transfer

    Transfer a call to the appropriate person without losing the caller.
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  • Virtual Voicemail

    Listen to voicemail messages from anywhere – internet, mobile device or outside line.
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  • VoIP Calling

    All employees can answer a call, place it on hold and have someone else pick it up.
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  • Call Waiting

    See when a second call is coming in while on an active call.
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Frequently asked questions

You will need a Letter of Authorization (LOA), a copy of your current bill with account information, and a physical address (for emergency service registration). All phone numbers must be active with your current carrier. Some countries may require additional documentation.

Registered countries include the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia.

The time that it takes to complete your number port varies depending on a number of factors as our porting team must work with multiple partners to get numbers ported. All porting information is processed and verified by the porting partner and losing carrier to make sure all the information matches with their existing account. If the information matches, the losing carrier and our porting partner will work out an acceptable date to have the numbers ported. If the information does not match, then the port will be rejected. If the port is rejected, it will add additional time to the porting processes as the porting team works with the porting partner and customer to solve the rejection. Rest assured, you will have an expert available to help ensure your porting process is as quick as possible.

Ports can get rejected for many reasons. Some of the rejections we see include mismatched information (address and main contact), the wrong billing telephone number, or an inactive telephone number.

Reasons include but not limited to, no coverage or lack of infrastructure in your geographical area, contract obligation with your current carrier, low demand, or legal issues.

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With your new phone service, you can have land lines and mobile phone numbers ported over through our porting process.*

*Mobile phone number porting is only available in North America right now. Additional regions are coming soon.