International calling free to 50+ countries.

GoTo Connect offers you some of the lowest international calling rates on the planet. In fact, you can call 50+ countries for free*. GoTo Connect also makes international dialing quick and easy.

World map showing international calling countries.

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Call these countries for free

Argentina Germany Malta South Africa
Australia Greece Martinique South Korea
Belgium Guadeloupe Mexico Spain
Brazil Guam Morocco Sweden
Canada Hong Kong Netherlands Switzerland
Chile Hungary New Zealand Taiwan
China Iceland Norway Thailand
Croatia India Peru United Kingdom
Cyprus Ireland Poland US Virgin Islands
Denmark Israel Portugal USA - Puerto Rico
Estonia Italy Romania Vatican
France Luxembourg Slovakia USA - Hawaii

* Free calling is available to GoTo Connect customers on a qualified plan.

Does not include calls to mobile phones, satellite phones, or information services.

Cut your cost down on international calls with GoTo Connect.

Follow these steps to dial an international call from your GoTo Connect phone.

  1. Dial your country’s exit code (US = 011, list of exit codes) which replaces the plus sign (+) commonly used in international numbers.
       * International dialing permission is required.
  2. Dial your destination party’s country code (find your country code here:
  3. Dial your destination party’s area code.
  4. Dial your destination party’s local phone number. If the number you are calling starts with 0 (zero), you can omit this when you dial.

Example: To make a call from the US to a landline in São Paulo, Brazil; you would dial 011-55-11-XXXX-XXXX.

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