March 2024

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  • Powering transformative AI

    Simplify your work, enhance productivity and deliver outstanding experiences by harnessing the power of generative AI.
  • Building positive experiences

    Personalize interactions and tailor your support by leveraging seamlessly integrated workflows.
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    Amplifying performance intelligently

    Unlock data insights and impactful automations with simple, user-friendly interfaces.

Remote Management and Support

Bolster your security and upgrade your workflows.

  • Screenshot showing selected text being translated in real-time on an end user's screen. LogMeIn Rescue

    AI Screen Translation

    An AI-powered solution for real-time text translation of an end user's screen.
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  • Screen showing a LogMeIn Rescue support session launched directly on Microsoft Teams. LogMeIn Rescue

    Microsoft Teams Integration

    An integration that lets you launch a Rescue session right from Microsoft Teams.
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  • Screen showing an agent providing support to a user via LogMeIn Rescue's web-based technician console. LogMeIn Rescue

    Web Technician Console

    A web-based technician console that puts next-level, streamlined remote support at your fingertips.
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  • Screens showing a pre-defined resolution being set for a potential problem, and a tracker monitoring the progress of self-healing fixes. GoTo Resolve

    Self-Healing Alerts

    An ever-vigilant support feature that spots potential problems and fixes them on the spot.
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  • Screen showing a tailored monitoring script being created using the AI guide on GoTo Resolve. GoTo Resolve

    Custom Script Alerts

    Craft your own monitoring scripts and triggers to tailor alerts to your needs.
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  • Screen showing a quick overview of device information such as device health and RMM statuses within GoTo Resolve's dashboard. GoTo Resolve

    Device Health Metrics

    A dashboard feature that provides a snapshot of device health, including RMM statuses.
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  • Screen showing the summary of policy details for multiple devices using GoTo Resolve's Endpoint Protection add-on. GoTo Resolve

    Policies for GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection

    Settings to automate the configuration and management of GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection software.
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  • Screen showing an agent remotely control an out-of-band Intel vPro device using LogMeIn Rescue. LogMeIn Rescue

    vPro KVM

    Provide out-of-band support on Intel vPro devices natively within Rescue.
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  • Screen showing LogMeIn Rescue's redesigned web portal for device management. LogMeIn Rescue

    Redesigned Device Management

    A sleek new approach to device management, designed for simplicity and scalability.
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Communication and Collaboration

Find new ways to collaborate and enhance your customer experiences.

  • Screens showing AI-powered interaction summaries and insights on GoTo Contact Center. GoTo Contact Center

    AI Optimization Add-On

    AI-powered contact center enhancements deliver interaction summaries, real-time supervisory capabilities, and customer sentiment & trend insights.

    Only available in select countries
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  • Screen showing a chat conversation with GoTo Connect's in-built AI assistant, Admin GoPilot. GoTo Connect

    Admin GoPilot

    Easily find answers to setup queries with AI-powered assistance.

    Only available in select countries
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  • Screenshots showing a GoTo Meeting video conference with an AI-generated transcript and meeting summary. GoTo Meeting

    AI Meeting Summary (Beta)

    Create concise meeting overviews and actionable next steps with the power of AI, freeing up valuable time.
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  • Screen showing the centralized call management dashboard on GoTo Connect's Attendant Console. GoTo Connect

    Attendant Console

    A centralized call management dashboard that personalizes calls and streamlines workflows.

    Only available in select countries
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  • Screen showing the Integrations tab on GoTo Admin with the option to connect with multiple CRM tools. GoTo Connect

    Integration Bundle

    Integrate call information, SMS, voicemail data, and contacts directly with your CRMs to tailor experiences and improve customer relationships.

    Only available in select countries
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  • Screens showing GoTo Connect's dashboard with advanced call reports and an overview of interaction details. GoTo Connect

    Reporting & Analytics Add-On

    An advanced reporting solution that consolidates the entire customer journey into one intuitive dashboard.

    Only available in select countries
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  • Screens showing GoTo Connect features within Microsoft Teams. GoTo Connect

    GoTo Connect for Microsoft Teams

    Access your favorite GoTo features like SMS, call recording, and customizable dashboards without leaving the Microsoft Teams platform.

    Only available in select countries
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  • Screen showing the set up of chat assistant conversational flows on GoTo Contact Center. GoTo Contact Center

    Chat Assistant

    An automated conversational chat assistant designed to engage customers through interactive, predefined conversational flows.

    Only available in select countries
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  • Screen showing a GoTo Meeting video conference and upgraded chat panel with emojis. GoTo Meeting

    New Chat Experience

    Upgraded chat functionality designed to enhance the meeting experience with expressive emojis and collaborative messaging tools.
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