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Now, businesses big and small can seamlessly solve just about any tech issue – from anywhere – with GoTo’s flexible, secure remote support software.

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Quick and easy remote resolutions, made simpler than ever.

Make remote IT support easier than ever – for you and end users. GoTo Resolve’s remote support software combines features like ad-hoc remote support, unattended remote access, ticketing and more in a single, intuitive platform. The result? Fast, secure, consistent, stress-free remote IT support for small businesses and IT users alike.

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GoTo Resolve: solving IT issues anywhere and everywhere

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Ad Hoc Support

Support employees and customers faster and easier than ever before. With GoTo Resolve’s remote support software, you have the flexibility to choose the right connection method for any situation, including:   
  • Viewing or controlling any device instantly with the click of a button - no installation needed.
  • Chatting with agents via web browser or app, depending on your needs.
  • Inviting end-users to join sessions by support key, direct link, Zendesk ticket, email, or by SMS invitation.
  • Intuitive visual cues to guide employees through one-off sessions.
  • Modern web browser or classic desktop console view options for agents.
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GoTo Resolve is more than just remote support software

Advanced features and capabilities make more possible for remote and in-house teams.

  • Remote Monitoring & Management

    Reduce the risk of cyber threats, automate routine IT tasks, and gain better visibility and control over your endpoints.
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  • Help Desk Ticketing

    Modernize your IT help desk by bringing the support request process onto the messaging platforms your teams are already using, like MS Teams and more.
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  • Zero Trust Security Architecture

    Go beyond the basic requirements with technology built with a security-first mindset and zero trust architecture that locks out malicious actors.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Remote access refers to the general ability to connect to a remote device, whereas remote support is the action of providing technical support once a remote access connection is established for the specific purpose of troubleshooting and solving technical issues.
With GoTo Resolve, you are able to remotely support Macs, PCs, and Androids and Chromebooks from any Mac, PC, Chromebook, Android or iOS device.
Unlike other solutions that may require a user to be on the same network or a VPN, remote support software works by creating a connection between a local and remote host over either a network or an internet connection. This provides greater flexibility in the range of circumstances where an agent can provide support. Once an agent has access with a remote support tool, they are able to access the device as if they were in front of it, as well as securely transfer files between the local and host computer.
Remote support software is used by internal IT teams at organizations of all sizes, as well as Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and independent consultants. With so much work done remotely, it has become an essential function for most organizations, and can even be used for personal use to help family and friends with their IT issues.
With multiple connection methods and a zero-trust security architecture, GoTo Resolve prioritizes making remote support easy and accessible for both end users (even the non tech savvy!) and agents alike, without compromising security. As an all-in-one solution, GoTo Resolve tackles the entire lifecycle of support, empowering agents to prevent issues from occurring, troubleshoot them without needing to disturb end users, and then track tickets in our built-in helpdesk.

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