July 2023

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  • Security

    Dependable device security

    Keep cyber threats at bay with new features like Mobile Device Management, endpoint protection, and AD sync.
  • Tools

    AI-powered experiences

    Enhanced features like Disruption Free Unattended Access and an AI-enhanced script generator make it easy to get more done.
  • Database

    Data-driven customer decisions

    Create better outcomes with new data visualizations like Interaction Details, SMS Health Dashboard, and Conversation Review.
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    Cost-cutting integrations

    Boost security and collaboration while cutting costs with the latest Microsoft Teams, Bitdefender, and Miro integrations.

What’s new in Remote Management & Support

Bolster security and increase productivity.

  • Mobile Device Management Dashboard in GoTo Resolve, showing graphs and stats like Device by Platform and Device Location. GoTo Resolve

    Mobile Device Management

    Enforce your security policies on every company-owned or personal device.
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  • Granting access and Permissions to Administrators in Rescue. Rescue

    Admin Group Permissions

    Boost security by restricting access to reporting, controls, and more based on Admin role and clearance.
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  • Syncing Active Directory Groups in Rescue Rescue

    Azure Active Directory Sync

    Streamline onboarding and offboarding of technicians and admins and better safeguard your Rescue account.
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  • Viewing Endpoint Protection and protection status summary in GoTo Resolve, with options to run a quick scan or full scan GoTo Resolve

    Endpoint Protection

    Protect devices against threats and manage security from a single dashboard with endpoint protection powered by Bitdefender.
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  • Creating a job with PowerShell execution in GoTo Resolve. GoTo Resolve

    AI Automated Scripts

    Create AI-assisted automated scripts for faster support on every device.
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  • Rescue support chat interface on a Linux desktop. Rescue

    Linux Support

    Offer support for even more devices with remote control and file manager for Ubuntu Linux devices.
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  • Remote employee in yellow shirt working from his van while on a roadtrip. Rescue

    Disruption Free Unattended Access

    Offer better remote support without subjecting end-users to pesky prompts or changing device states.
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  • Creating One2Many tasks in Central. Central

    One2Many Updates

    New and improved One2Many updates allow more automation jobs on more computers while simplifying the process for large files.
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What’s new in Communication & Collaboration

Find more ways to collaborate and improve customer experiences.

  • Searching Contacts and dialing a number in the Microsoft Teams Phone app. GoTo Connect

    Microsoft Teams Phone App

    Integrate GoTo Connect with Teams for a built-in phone system without needing a Teams Phone license.

    Only available in select countries
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  • GoTo Connect interface, showing a group of remote employees brainstorming and whiteboarding with the Miro integration while using their webcams. GoTo Meeting

    Miro Integration

    Collaborate and brainstorm with a fast, free, and easy-to-use online whiteboard right in your meeting solution.
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  • Interaction Details view in GoTo Contact Center, showing details like ring time, call length, ring group and more. GoTo Contact Center

    Interaction Details

    See interaction and call history and get deeper insights into customer journeys from start to finish. 

    Only available in select countries
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  • Breakdown of SMS/MMS deliver errors in SMS Health Dashboard, with stats like Invalid Recipient, Exceeded Volume Limit, and more. GoTo Connect

    SMS Health Dashboard

    Better manage SMS services with detailed deliverability stats and high-level summaries.

    Only available in select countries
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  • Using Webcam Zoom in Camera Preview before joining a GoTo Meeting session. GoTo Meeting

    Webcam Zoom

    Zoom in and pan your camera view during meeting sessions without physically moving your camera.
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  • Conversation Review interface in Contact Center, showing details like duration, outcome and last agent. GoTo Contact Center

    Conversation Review

    Manage your team more efficiently with call transcriptions, call overviews, and agent performance evaluations.

    Only available in select countries
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  • View of Automated SMS in GoTo Contact Center, with SMS reply from customer. GoTo Contact Center

    Automated SMS

    Minimize missed calls with automated SMS sent to callers who abandoned while in the call queue.

    Only available in select countries
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