Remotely access any device, from anywhere.

GoTo gives individuals and IT pros fast, reliable, secure remote access software for true work flexibility.

Your remote access software should be:

  • Give employees the ability to instantly access and work on files while letting IT pros provide remote support.


    The right tools give employees the ability to instantly access and work on files; while letting IT pros provide remote support – regardless of the device they’re working on.
  • Best-in-class security measures are built-in to prevent breaches before they happen.


    Data breaches can be costly and damaging. When accessing files from afar, the right tools have best-in-class security measures built in to prevent breaches before they happen.
  • Fast, dependable systems keep everyone up and running.


    When an employee needs access to a file, the longer they have to wait, the less work gets done. Fast, dependable systems keep everyone up and running.

Get more done – no matter where work happens

With GoToMyPC, you can work on your Mac or PC from any device, including mobile. Instantly access files, applications, programs, and remote networks – just as if you were at your desk.

GoTo Resolve lets IT teams resolve issues from anywhere. With zero trust remote access, techs can remote into PCs, Macs, and Androids from anywhere to triage devices, protect and secure endpoint infrastructure, and perform routine IT tasks – without disrupting end users.

Get more done – no matter where work happens.

GoTo support products are:

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    Easy to deploy

    Our top-rated products are easy to set up and even easier to use for everyone on the team.
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    Highly compatible

    Integrations work seamlessly with your desktops, mobile devices, servers, and beyond.
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    Effortlessly reliable

    Don’t waste time dealing with offline systems. GoTo products boast 99.99% uptime.
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    Super secure

    Stay safe with banking-grade 256-bit AES encryption, multi-factor authentication, and more.

With remote access tools from GoTo, you can...

Best for Individuals

Work at home or on the go

GoToMyPC remote desktop software instantly gives you access to your work computer so you can access all your files, applications, programs and network – wherever you’re working.

Always access any device

Of course you can work from your laptop or home computer – but with the GoToMyPC mobile apps, your iPad, iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices are just as workable. You can even incorporate mouse control, screen zoom, and full keyboard access.

Remote access tools from GoTo for individuals means you can work from home or on the go, and always access any device.


Keep everyone up & running

With GoTo Resolve, your IT team can confidently and securely manage, triage, and support your endpoint infrastructure. Access endpoints from a desktop console, web console, or mobile app with a single click (no need for VPN), and resolve issues from anywhere. 

Monitor every endpoint

With a single-view dashboard, you can easily keep a pulse on every device. GoTo Resolve’s Device Quick View allows for one-click access to endpoint system diagnostics without needing to start a remote session or interrupt end users.

Remote access tools from GoTo for IT professionals means you can monitor every endpoint and keep everyone up and running.

See what IT experts are saying about GoTo

"I can access real-time patient data and collaborate with my attendings while away from the hospital, thanks to GoToMyPC. "
Dr. Adnan Khan Neurology Department Fellow, Duke University Hospital
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"With a small IT support team, we are very excited about what GoTo Resolve is able to bring to our organization. We have found the remote access to be invaluable for supporting our nearly 200 remote staff, while the integrated ticketing solution solves a big gap in our work. Layering in Microsoft Teams, the simplified automation capabilities, and easy-to-navigate console, it really feels like GoTo has created a unique system for organizations like ours."
Mel Schroyer Network Administrator at Education Minnesota

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