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  • Healthcare

    Now, medical professionals can help patients from anywhere on simple, secure platforms.
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  • Education

    Empower students and teachers to learn, share, and thrive in virtual environments.
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  • Automotive

    Unify communications across all departments: from the sales floor to customer service.
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  • Professional Services

    Simplify complex communications, meet deadlines, and enhance productivity across the board.
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  • Technology

    Focus on innovation, and let GoTo handle the rest: from communications to IT to security.
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  • Legal

    Keep your team and clients securely connected, from home to office to courtroom.
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Communication and collaboration

  • Remote Work

    With integrated calls and messaging, reliable video meetings, and a whole suite of communications tools, you can stay connected – no matter what.
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  • VoIP Phone System

    Enjoy crystal-clear call quality at the speed of the internet – while saving thousands in landline bills, hardware, and infrastructure.
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  • Hosted VoIP Phone System

    Connect calls with a third-party provider to save your business thousands in operating expenses, while avoiding the hassle of maintaining phone service.
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  • Cloud PBX

    Our hosted virtual PBX system is easy to set up and offers crystal-clear calls, reliable connectivity, and transparent, affordable pricing.
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  • Conference Calling

    Connect local and international callers with easily accessible online conference calls via VoIP or telephone.
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  • Enterprise VoIP Phone System

    Streamline communications, eliminate costly hardware maintenance, and make calls simpler with our enterprise VoIP.
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  • Video Conferencing

    No matter your businesses size, video conferencing that’s easy to use – even without downloads – has become an absolute must.
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  • Small Business Phone System

    Make your phone system work the way your business needs it to with scalable, reliable VoIP services.
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  • Hot Desking

    Even with a limited number of physical desks, each employee can have a dedicated extension – and can take work with them across devices.
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Remote access and support

  • Help Desk

    Simplify the help desk experience with processes that let agents and end users give and receive support, the easy way.
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  • Remote Access

    With employees working everywhere, easy, secure access to files, programs, machines, and the network is a necessity for everyone – especially IT.
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  • Remote Support

    No matter the device, fast, frictionless resolutions await. Advanced remote troubleshooting lets you seamlessly resolve issues and assist customers.
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  • Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

    Keep everyone connected and every device protected – without compromise. Secure your remote workforce with proactive IT.
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  • Visual Engagement

    Guide customers to better outcomes with secure, standalone co-browsing technology, or move through issues with browser-based video support.
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Password and identity management

  • Password Management

    Our password manager does the work of creating, remembering, and filling in credentials for streamlined online security.
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  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)

    Make the transition to a remote workforce easier by securely connecting employees to their work – all while keeping IT in complete control.
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  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Conveniently and safely connect employees to their work by allowing admins to integrate single sign-on for top-priority apps.
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  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    Protect your business or family against cyber-threats with fingerprint verification and one-tap mobile notifications.
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