October 2023

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Achieve more with ease with these powerful new security features, integrations, and AI advancements.

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Get more from your GoTo software

Discover new ways to make IT and communications easier.

  • Secure & compliant tools

    New application updates and IT Asset Management help reduce cybersecurity risks.
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    Integrated workflows

    Work faster with Logitech CollabOS partnership, remote meeting control, dashboard experiences, and more.
  • AI-powered automations

    Gain back valuable time with AI chat analysis, SMS call flow capabilities, helpline, and dynamic contact matching.
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    Seamless customer experiences

    Create better customer experiences with a new agent softphone, in-session VoIP, and much more.

Remote Management and Support

Bolster your security and upgrade your workflows.

  • Screenshot showing hardware inventory management for GoTo Resolve. GoTo Resolve

    IT Asset Management

    Track, monitor, and manage an inventory of IT hardware assets, including PCs, laptops, printers, and other hardware devices.
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  • Screen showing the helpline requests page with problem descriptions and statuses. GoTo Resolve


    Give end-users an additional channel for support. End-users can initiate support sessions and receive AI-generated troubleshooting tips while waiting for an agent.
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  • Screens showing GoTo Resolves devices list and a room screen being remotely accessed. GoTo Resolve

    Logitech Partnership: CollabOS Devices

    Remotely connect to and control CollabOS devices at scale with integrated remote access.
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  • Screen showing LogMeIn Rescue management of vPro PCs. LogMeIn Rescue

    Intel vPro® Support

    Manage vPro powered PCs out-of-band in Rescue. Rescue now integrates with Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA) so you can connect to the BIOS and access advanced settings, power options, and more.
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  • Part of a screen showing a custom email being entered for the helpdesk service email. GoTo Resolve

    Custom Helpdesk Email Address

    Personalize your helpdesk service email address to reflect your company’s unique identity.
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  • Screens showing GoTo Resolve managing software updates for multiple devices. GoTo Resolve

    Application Updates

    Keep third-party applications on managed devices updated. See available patches for applications and schedule remote updates.
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  • Linux logo and chrome logo in white on a blue background. LogMeIn Rescue

    Expanded OS Support

    Offer even more ways to support Linux devices using Rescue with more supported operating systems, greater feature parity, and support for Chromebooks and Android apps.
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  • Screens showing a voice call being initiated during a support session. GoTo Resolve

    In-session VoIP

    Provide real-time verbal assistance during remote support sessions. Agents can now initiate audio streams with end-users for faster, better resolutions.
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  • Screens showing analytics for endpoint threats and other issues broken down into a pie chart, and a table showing the top alert types for endpoints. GoTo Resolve

    Dashboard Experience

    View managed device and ticketing insights with the Dashboard view. Real-time visibility helps agents avoid missing important info around ticketing, alerts, antivirus, and updates.
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Communication and Collaboration

Find new ways to collaborate and enhance your customer experiences.

  • Screens showing a summary of resolved conversations with an AI-analyzed summary and sentiment. GoTo Contact Center

    AI Chat Analysis

    Instantly assess customer satisfaction and generate concise summaries to gain effective insights and enhance customer interactions.

    Only available in select countries
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  • Screen showing the GoTo Meeting video conferencing UI broken into movable, customizable parts. GoTo Meeting

    Flexible Layout

    Customize session layouts to meet your needs. Try streamlined toolbars, dynamic notifications, and screen pop-outs for your favorite meeting features.
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  • Screen showing a contact center agent on a support call with customer. GoTo Contact Center

    Agent Softphone

    Effortlessly handle your current call while accessing contact information, customer history, notes, and more – all in one flexible widget.

    Only available in select countries
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  • Screen showing the drag and drop dial plan editor for GoTo Connect with the new SMS message node. GoTo Contact Center

    SMS Call Flow Capabilities

    Add SMS messaging into your communication flow so your customers can get connected faster.

    Only available in select countries
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  • Screens showing the process of selecting or importing contacts into new groups. GoTo Contact Center

    Contact Segmentation

    Easily organize and communicate with your customers by groups when importing or adding to your contact list.

    Only available in select countries
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  • Screens showing the contacts interface for GoTo Connect. GoTo Connect

    Dynamic Contact Matching

    Better manage your contact information with easy-to-use delete, search, and sort functionalities.

    Only available in select countries
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  • Screens showing a customer support inbox with the option to assign it to yourself, other agents, or mark resolved. GoTo Customer Engagement

    Shared Inbox Assignment Visibility

    Enable better team collaboration in the Shared Inbox with visibility into what other team members are working on.

    Only available in select countries
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  • Screen showing a video call where the user is remotely accessing another’s computer. GoTo Meeting

    Remote Control

    Meeting participants can request keyboard and mouse controls to provide better visual context and “show” – not just “tell” – for better collaboration.
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  • Screens showing network health monitoring, including alerts for audio quality and degraded network quality. GoTo Connect

    Network Probe Alerts

    Set customizable alerts for specific network issues like network quality, network delay, and network connectivity – and resolve potential problems before they escalate.

    Only available in select countries
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What else is new?

Coming Soon

Later this year, we’ll release two new AI-enhanced features for our flagship products.

GoTo Resolve’s new AI Assistant analyzes device health and provides recommendations for follow-up actions to resolve issues, eliminate multiple manual data collection steps, and streamline troubleshooting. And Contact Center’s newest AI-powered offering builds off AI Chat Analysis to provide topic and sentiment analysis, interaction summaries, and real-time conversation recovery to save time and boost productivity.

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