How to choose your webinar topic

Discover how to combine Goto Webinar with a great webinar topic to provide value to your audience.

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What can the right webinar topic do for you?

A well-prepared webinar program should answer a question, meet a need, or clarify an area where there is confusion. Do it right, and you could help your business:

  • Reach more prospects

    The right message presented as a webinar could help you generate more qualified leads in your target market than any other channel. 
  • Build brand awareness

    Showcase your products and business through online events where you can easily engage your audience and drum up interest.
  • Lower meeting expenses

    Even if you are hundreds of miles away from your team, a webinar can effectively train and educate in real time, no travel required. 
  • Engage audiences in HD

    Even the best message can get muddled if the video quality is poor.
  • Multiply reach with reusable content

    Record your webinar and use it afterward as a gated asset to drive additional leads.
  • Streamline marketing processes

    The right webinar software should intergrate with your CRM , simplifying lead generation and event creation. 

Getting started with a webinar topic

If you already know your target audience, choose a webinar topic that will impart authoritative information on pain points, needs, or skills that would be of value to that group. These five tips can help you choose the top webinar topics that will inform and engage your audience.

Streamline the teaching of internal processes

Using webinars for training is a popular tactic, as they can save a company with remote workers not only on travel costs, but also travel time and lost productivity.

To create a more effective webinar for internal use, start by identifying pain points that come up and are affecting productivity. This might include:

  • A list of the most common questions and challenges faced by your employees
  • Details of the employee onboarding process
  • Inconsistencies in the vendor onboarding process
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Your all-in-one virtual event platform

With customizable modes, interactive features, insightful analytics, powerful integrations, and flexible pricing, our intuitive webinar platform has everything you need to host virtual events of all sizes.

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While there are no specifications for how long a webinar should be, most webinars are around 30 minutes to one hour long. The best webinars include time to interact with attendees via surveys or a question and answer session. If webinars are used for training purposes, they may last longer than an hour. The key is to engage and interact with your audience, regardless of the length of the webinar.

To record a webinar with GoTo Webinar, simply hit the Start Recording button on your organizer control panel. If you want, you can also customize your recording settings beforehand by selecting View and then Recording. This will open up your recording pane where you can . click Settings and adjust your audio and video options. Be sure to save your settings! Step by Step detail can be found here.

In order to hold an effective webinar, you’ll want the following equipment:

  • A device that can connect to the internet. A laptop, desktop or tablet will work.
  • Audio input (a headset is best, but your device’s built-in microphone will also work)
  • Webcam (if you’d like to do a video broadcast)
GoTo Webinar is an easy-to-use solution that enables businesses and sole proprietors to easily host webinars. GoTo Webinar has a number of use cases and innovative features that enable rich and engaging webinars for connecting customers to brands.
The cost of a webinar is minimal. With Wi-Fi now available in almost all parts of the world, webinar attendees can connect with little to no cost. The main expense for a webinar host is the purchase of a webinar solution and any necessary hardware. That said, many effective webinars can be held using existing computer or laptop hardware. Find our more about pricing and plans on GoTo Webinar pricing page