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Everything you need to tell your story

GoTo Webinar features make it easy to plan and host top-notch virtual events.

Before the webinar: plan and promote

Plan and promote engaging webinars that draw bigger, better crowds. 

  • Pre-recorded events
    Pre-record webinars that look and feel just like live events.    
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  • Webcast mode  
    Allow up to 3,000 attendees to join your live stream straight from their browser – no downloads needed.  
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  • Event promotion 
    Promote your event on GoToStage to get the word out and draw a crowd.
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  • Expert event planning and support 
    Collaborate with a professional event producer to plan your next virtual event.
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Woman attending a webinar via her laptop.
  • Flexible scheduling 
    Set up a one-time event, schedule a whole series, or create on-demand experiences with recorded webinars.  
  • Custom registration forms  
    Create custom registration forms or quizzes to capture registrant info and understand who’s coming to your events.  
  • Webinar templates 
    Quickly create new events using templates and previous settings.  
  • Branding 
    Add your brand colors, logo and images to personalize webinar materials.  

During the webinar: engage and convert

Boost engagement during your event and have more fun presenting. 

  • Engagement dashboard 
    Keep an eye on how engaged your audience is and the time remaining.  
  • Multi-presenter webinars 
    Up to six organizers, presenters and panelists can share their webcam during an event and help the crowd put faces to names.  
  • Polls & surveys 
    Engage your audience with slide-in questions, interactive polls and live results.  
  • Raise hand 
    Attendees can easily grab your attention by virtually raising their hand.  
Screenshot showing the ability to administer a poll during a webinar.

After the webinar: analyze and improve

See what went well with your webinar and where you can improve. 

  • Attendee reports 
    Explore comprehensive reports on who attended and discover your most loyal audience.  
  • Event analytics 
    See how engaged guests were with key metrics and downloadable reports.  
  • Source tracking 
    Discover which channels drove the most webinar signups and better target future promotions.  

Build a bigger audience with GoToStage

Record your event and share it on GoToStage – the on-demand webinar platform where millions of professionals go to learn. Reach new audiences and grow your business as your event is watched again and again.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Integrate GoTo Webinar with apps you already use every day.  

  • Launch and join webinar meetings directly from Salesforce, Outlook, Slack.  
  • Integrate with Aweber, Unbounce or Hubspot to create landing pages and attract more guests.   
  • Add Zoho, Salesforce or to easily sync guest info between events and your CRM. 
Logos of companies showing leading software solution companies Go To has partnered with.
  • “Webinar marketing works, and if you do it well, you’ll find success. GoTo Webinar is one of the top tools you can rely on to get you there.”
    Stefanie Grieser, International Marketing Manager, Unbounce
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  • “Webinars play an important role in our sales process. In fact, I call them a ‘force multiplier’ for our sales teams.”
    David Pittman, Product Marketing Manager at Ontario Systems
  • “We’ve found that prospects who attend one of our weekly live-demo webinars are 150% more likely to purchase than those who don’t.”
    Amanda Morgan, Marketing Manager, Vyond
    Vyond logo
  • “We’re a company that’s building the customer success category. Webinars are one of the key way’s we’re doing that.”
    Will Robins, Business Operation Lead, Gainsight
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