• Headshot portrait of Paddy Srinivasan

    Paddy Srinivasan

    Chief Executive Officer

    Paddy Srinivasan is GoTo's Chief Executive Officer. During his eight years at the company, he’s also served as Chief Product & Technology Officer and Senior Vice President and General Manager for the company’s Customer Engagement and Support Business. Paddy oversees GoTo’s day-to-day operations and overarching strategic direction.

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  • Headshot portrait of Rich Veldran

    Rich Veldran

    Chief Financial Officer

    Rich Veldran serves as GoTo’s Chief Financial Officer overseeing our Global Finance Organization.

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  • Headshot portrait of Jo Deal

    Jo Deal

    Chief People Officer

    Jo Deal serves as GoTo’s Chief People Officer. She is responsible for leading global people strategy with a focus on attracting, developing and engaging world class talent by expanding GoTo’s reputation as one of tech’s most desirable career destinations, and by providing a collaborative learning environment where employees can grow their careers.

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  • Headshot portrait of Olga Lagunova

    Olga Lagunova

    Chief Technology Officer

    Olga Lagunova serves as GoTo’s Chief Technology Officer. In her role she is responsible for leading our global engineering organization, building and operating GoTo products.

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  • Headshot portrait of Bill Robinson

    Bill Robinson

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Bill Robinson serves as GoTo's Chief Revenue Officer. Bill is responsible for leading GoTo’s Global Sales, Customer Experience, and Business Operations teams.

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  • Headshot portrait of Damon Covey

    Damon Covey

    SVP, Head of Product

    Damon Covey serves as SVP, Head of Product at GoTo. In his role, he is responsible for product management across GoTo’s full product suite.

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  • Headshot portrait of Scott Romesse

    Scott Romesser

    Chief Customer Officer

    Scott Romesser serves as the Chief Customer Officer for GoTo. Scott joined the team from GetGo, a once wholly owned subsidiary of Citrix that merged with GoTo in early 2017. During his time at Citrix, Scott excelled in leadership roles for sales and services as well as integration management.

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  • Headshot portrait of Michael Donahue

    Michael Donahue

    Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

    Michael Donahue serves as GoTo's Chief Legal Officer and Secretary. Previously, he was Vice President and General Counsel of C.P. Baker & Company, Ltd., a Boston-based private equity firm.

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  • Headshot portrait of Dave Campbell

    Dave Campbell

    Head of Strategy and Growth, IT Solutions Group

    Dave Campbell serves as the global head of Strategy and Growth for GoTo’s Remote Access, Remote Monitoring and Management, and Remote Support products, which make up the IT Solutions Group business division.

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