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Serve more callers and more customers with GoTo Connect's flexible, affordable small business phone system.

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Running a small business is no easy feat

When customers call, they expect a professional voice on the other end of the line. But it’s a challenge to find a phone system that doesn't make you sign a contract for 2–3 years upfront, or purchase expensive hardware to support it.

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    You're ready to take the next step

    You want to upgrade from hardware or a lower-level cloud phone system but aren't sure which features your business needs.
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    You need a flexible plan

    Because you're in the early stages of growth, you need the freedom to adjust plans quickly as business scales up.
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    You need it to be easy

    Your new system has to be easy to use so you and your team can jump right into serving customers and callers.

Get the flexible virtual phone system designed for small businesses

GoTo Connect's VoIP phone system is easy to use and highly professional, so you can serve your customers and callers better, and help your business grow.

Your team can use GoTo Connect from any device, anywhere, so you can put on a united front for callers and serve them well, no matter where your teams are working.

GoTo Connect is more than just a small business phone service: it's an entire customer experience platform.

From virtual receptionists and virtual voicemail to phone and video conferencing, and beyond, GoTo Connect provides everything your team needs to do their best work and serve your callers professionally.

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GoTo Connect also includes:

Explore all GoTo Connect features

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Small businesses choose GoTo Connect because it's:

  • Easy to use

    Simple to install and intuitive to get started with, you can get GoTo Connect up and running in less than a day.

  • Flexible

    With per-user pricing, GoTo Connect lets you scale your phone system easily as your needs change.

  • Support & analytics

    Includes real-time analytics, inbound and outbound call monitoring, and agent effectiveness reporting.

  • Secure

    All cloud phone features come with the highest levels of encryption for maximum safety and privacy.

With GoTo Connect:

From CRMs such as Salesforce Lightning and Zoho, to tools like Zapier, Clio, and Slack – GoTo Connect integrates with the systems you’re already using. Continue your workflows, uninterrupted, from the day you sign up.
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Never miss another call with GoTo Connect on your mobile device. Our iOS and Android apps offer HD audio, texting and more – without draining your battery. No matter your preference, GoTo Connect gives you the tools to stay connected.
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Serve customers and callers no matter where you and your team are working. Just access your GoTo Connect portal from your desktop computer, web app, or mobile app to jump into work and keep your business running smoothly.
GoTo Connect virtual phone system in action
  • We live in LA, there might be an earthquake tomorrow. We needed a system that could work from anywhere. That’s what GoTo Connect brought to Para Los Niños.

    – Geovanni Rivas
    Head of IT, Technology and Communications, Para Los Niños
  • Once they discovered the enhanced functionality of a software-based phone, they reported they won’t need a traditional, hardware-based phone – they’re sticking with GoTo Connect.

    – Felix Windt
    Assistant Director, Network Services, IT and Consulting, Dartmouth College
  • Their excellent USA-based tech support helped get me up and running in no time flat. Their service in both areas (support and actual uptime) has never let us down.

    – Michael W.
    Small business (10-50 employees)

Don’t take our word for it...

"The teachers call students on the GoTo Connect app on their phone or browser from anywhere they are. There’s a lot of flexibility in that they aren’t tied to only using their desk phone."
Vallejo City Unified School District
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"GoTo Connect has given us a future-proof phone system that can grow as our business grows. The system is perfect for working from home, enabling our people to make and receive calls from anywhere, at no extra cost."
EMS Copiers
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Frequently asked questions

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is the long way of saying “web calls.” VoIP technology transmits your voice as digital data online, while regular phones use analog signals along the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Outside of how it’s transmitted, VoIP does everything a regular phone line can, as well as a lot more, as it's not restricted by hardware like a traditional phone system.
Not as much as you'd think! GoTo Connect offers everything you’ll need for business VoIP for one low, monthly per-seat price. Custom pricing available for large numbers of users. Learn more
That depends on what type of phone system you have: If you’re using a traditional, on-prem phone system, one you maintain in office using onsite PBX, than the average lifespan of a phone system is between five to seven years.

But a cloud-based (VoIP) phone system can be used forever. There's no hardware that needs fixing or maintaining. The system’s equipment and software are managed and maintained by the VoIP phone system provider, not you! That means you always have the latest technology, features, and applications – and you can rely on it for decades to come.
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