Flexible business phone number extensions

From on-demand recorded messages to automatic call routing, get callers where they need to go with the push of a button.

Get unlimited phone number extensions when you sign up for a GoTo Connect plan.

"GoTo Connect lets our organization meet, share ideas, and connect from wherever our sales staff is at the time. It's easy to use, intuitive, simple, and reliable."
Nicholas H., Senior Account Executive review via Capterra
"Great onboarding and very user friendly system dashboard to be able to create, change and manage all aspects of our communications. I use GoToConnect for 2 different companies that use the service in different ways and they always perform well above my expectations."
Jeff L., Principal review via G2
"The phone system works with minimal outages, and the interface is both intuitive and sleek. Easy to manage phones and overall system administration."
Administrator in Security & Investigations review via G2

Don’t let your phone system hold you back

Whether your team shares an office, or they work from anywhere, business phone extensions get callers to the right place in seconds. Now you can:

  • Direct callers to departments or agents from a main menu (such as "Press 5 for accounts”)

  • Share information with callers via pre-recorded messages (such as "Press 9 for business hours")

  • Distribute inbound calls between team members, by routing calls to the next available agent

  • Route multiple extensions to a single department, or ring multiple phones in a ring group

  • Customize extensions with find/follow me rules, call forwarding, and voicemail greetings.

What can you do with unlimited extensions?

Maximize marketing when you track calls by extension

Running a widespread advertising or marketing campaign? Analyze call volume per ad based on location or placement using unique extensions.

Extensions immediately direct callers to the right department while tracking which ads or campaigns are getting the most traction.


But that's not all you get with GoTo Connect

As a VoIP phone service, GoTo Connect is more flexible than an on-site PBX.
It also includes:

  • Call forwarding & transfers

    Forward and transfer calls to the right person, desk, phone line, or mobile number without losing the caller.

    Learn more

  • Call routing

    Have every one of your calls sent automatically to the correct endpoint.

    Learn more

  • Call spy & call whisper

    Let a manager or supervisor join an agent's call with or without the caller knowing.

    Learn more

  • Call waiting & call on hold

    Keep a caller on the line with customized music or messages while they wait to be answered.

    Learn more

  • Conference bridging

    Turn any call into an instant conference with anywhere from 3 to 20 live participants.

    Learn more

  • Custom auto-attendants

    Play customized messages for callers, or automatically read out the menu or directory.

    Learn more

  • Number porting

    Keep your existing business numbers by bringing them over with you to GoTo Connect.

    Learn more

  • Virtual voicemail

    Listen to voicemail messages via desktop, web, or mobile app, and read message transcripts.

    Learn more

What is GoTo Connect?

GoTo Connect is a fully customizable cloud phone system designed to help your business function seamlessly, no matter where your teams are working.

When you sign up for a plan, you don't just get a VoIP phone service: you get an entire package of phone and virtual meeting tools that support your team in doing their best work, all the time.

Top-rated on G2 and Capterra

  • G2 Leader Badge, Spring 2022
    Leader in G2's Spring 2022
  • review-G2-min-png
    4.5 stars from 622 reviews on G2
  • review-capterra-min-png
    4.5 stars from 578 reviews on Capterra

Frequently asked questions

For internal callers, the dial-by-name directory can be accessed directly from the headset by pushing a button or through the online user portal, where it also offers a search feature.
Absolutely! As long as your IP handset is connected to the GoTo Connect software, your employees can dial any extension directly from their handheld device, regardless of where they are located – without needing to enter a country code, area code, or star code.
Nope! If you are an administrator for your company's GoTo Connect user accounts, you can set up unlimited phone extensions all by yourself using the admin tools and visual dial plan editor that come with the software. Learn more about admin tools here.
Yes, you can choose the number of digits in your extension: our hosted VoIP solution supports three, four, five, or six-digit dialing across all system endpoints regardless of geographic location. For example, you can dial your boss by extension on your phone or app even if you are in a different country.
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