Manage calls the easy way with a call management system 

Stay on top of business communications with GoTo Connect call management software. Create call routing, transferring, and filtering flows that work for your team. 

Get call management features when you sign up for a GoTo Connect plan. No credit card, no minimum commitment required.

"It allows our employees to communicate easier with each other. We have cut down on the amount of dedicated cell phones we have to buy for our employees. Now they can either use their personal cell phones with the GoTo Connect app loaded or use their computer to make calls, send texts, etc. It has also allowed us to consolidate many separate bills into a single invoice that we pay every month."
Mike S., IT Manager 4.5/5 stars, review via G2
"Great onboarding and very user friendly system dashboard to be able to create, change and manage all aspects of our communications. I use GoTo Connect for two different companies that use the service in different ways, and they always perform well above my expectations."
Jeff L., Principal 5/5 stars, review via G2
"The phone system works with minimal outages, and the interface is both intuitive and sleek. Easy to manage phones and overall system administration."
Administrator in Security & Investigations 4.5/5 stars, review via G2

Simplify call handling, once and for all

Automate the call handling process by setting up call flows between departments, agents, and extensions – the easy way.

  • Route and forward calls automatically to any extension, agent, department, or external line
  • Transfer calls easily from one extension or agent to another, without losing your caller
  • Keep up to five callers on hold at the same time, and keep them engaged while they wait with time announcements and music
  • Filter calls with Shared Line Appearance that let important callers through faster. Stop certain inbound callers with Do Not Disturb
  • Monitor call flow and agent performance with real-time dashboards and analytics
Collage of a tech support person on a call, while showing the status of her queue, including those abandoned, timed out, and handled.

What can you do with a call management system? 

Set up custom call flows, quickly and easily

With GoTo Connect visual call plan editor, you can get custom call flows up and running in minutes – and make changes, instantly.

Simply drag and drop call flow elements, adjust settings, and publish changes. Now, every call goes to the right place, every single time.

Collage showing the drag and drop interface for the visual call plan editor, including options for waiting, voicemail, auto attendants, scheduling, and simple dial.

But that's not all you get with GoTo Connect

As a VoIP phone service, GoTo Connect is more flexible than a call management system.

It also includes:

  • Unlimited extensions

    Create unlimited phone extensions without calling out a tech team.
    Learn more
  • Custom auto-attendants

    Play customized messages for callers, or automatically read out the menu or directory.
    Learn more
  • Hot desking

    Easily share desk phones between multiple employees across all shifts.
    Learn more
  • Conference bridge

    Turn any call into an instant conference with anywhere from 3 to 20 live participants.
    Learn more
  • Unlimited business numbers

    Get every call routed or forwarded automatically to the correct endpoint.
  • Number porting

    Keep your existing business numbers by bringing them over with you to GoTo Connect.
    Learn more
  • Visual call flow editor

    Map out new call flows or update existing flows in the visual canvas and click to make them permanent.
    Learn more
  • CRM integrations

    Whether you use Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, or something else, you can integrate them with GoToConnect.
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What is GoTo Connect?

GoTo Connect is a fully customizable cloud phone system designed to help your business function seamlessly, no matter where your teams are working.

When you sign up for a plan, you don't just get a VoIP phone service: you get an entire package of phone and virtual meeting tools that support your team in doing their best work, all the time.

Explore all GoTo Connect features
  • Placing a video on GoTo Connect using a desk phone with touchscreen

    Phone lines & calling

    Includes number porting, call forwarding, hot desking, local, toll free, and vanity numbers, call queuing, and auto-attendants
  • A chat conversation taking in place in GoTo Connect’s chat interface, with options to start a voice call or video meeting from the chat screen.

    Meetings & chat

    Includes instant team messaging, audio conferencing with over 30 countries, and one-click call-to-video-meetings
  • Two analytics panels from GoTo Connect, showing Total Active Calls and progress bars for Daily Queue Totals.

    Support & analytics

    Includes real-time analytics, inbound and outbound call monitoring, and agent effectiveness reporting

Top-rated on G2 and Capterra

  • G2 Leader Badge, Spring 2022
    Leader in G2's Spring 2022
  • review-G2-min-png
    4.5 stars from 622 reviews on G2
  • review-capterra-min-png
    4.5 stars from 578 reviews on Capterra

Get smart call management software with GoTo Connect 

See how your team and your business work better with GoTo Connect. No upfront commitment required.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can customize ring strategies so that two or more phones ring at the same time. You can do this easily in the visual call flow editor, which comes with every GoTo Connect plan.
It's simple: customize call flows, just like you do ring strategies. Assign extensions and phone numbers to different people using the visual call flow editor. There's no need to call upon an admin or tech team as our intuitive call flow editor makes it easy to make changes.
Nope! You don't need any special numbers or codes. Simply press the "transfer" button in your user portal and then press the user's extension to complete the transfer.
Absolutely! You can play customized hold music or messages, as well as automated time announcements for callers while they're on hold instead of just placing them on mute. Learn more about custom auto attendants.

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