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How GoTo Connect Call Forwarding Works

One of GoTo's most popular phone services is call forwarding. It lets you forward customer calls from your landline or cell phone to the appropriate person without losing the caller in the process. Instead of sending the customer back to the main menu on your phone system, which makes them do more of the work, call forwarding helps get that customer where they need to go quickly. They don't have to deal with a dial tone or unanswered call.

Plus, failback settings provide automatic call forwarding in the event of an emergency. If your internet service goes down, calls to your extension will automatically be sent to the specified failback phone number, such as your personal mobile phone, a designated landline, or another employee.

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How GoTo Connect Call Transferring Works

Call transfer lets you transfer a call from your line, or your smartphone, to the appropriate person without losing the caller. The easy-to-use, web-based interface allows you to configure the feature quickly and easily. This way, you can get your customer where they need to go without forcing them back to a main menu. And with warm call transferring, you can speak with the person receiving the call before transferring the call, to help provide a better customer experience. The call transfer feature also works outside your company, letting you transfer a call to any external phone number.

A woman setting up a call transfer from several options: direct transfer, warm transfer, and send to voicemail.

Advantages of Transferring Calls

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    Greater Efficiency.

    Transferring calls means fewer steps for everyone involved. From the customer to the agent on the call, pressing just one button can provide the necessary assistance.
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    Enhanced Experience.

    Connecting the caller to the right person quickly creates a more satisfying experience for the caller. They get the answers or resolution they need while spending less time on the phone.
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    Speedy Responses.

    No one wants to spend time in the voicemail system, searching through a directory or pressing buttons to get through a complicated phone menu. Instead, call extension transfers immediately put people in touch with each other.
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    Excellent Value.

    Receive the benefits of an enhanced communication system through the addition of features like call transferring and call forwarding to get more from your investment in communications technology.

Why Choose GoTo Connect?

GoTo Connect makes call forwarding and call transferring easy and quick to use as part of its feature-rich VoIP service.

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Dialing a number on a desk phone with GoTo Connect.

There are many ways to use extension transferring thanks to these beneficial calling features:

  • If you frequently receive calls from people seeking a different business which unfortunately has a number similar to yours, you can set up a free extension that will automatically forward those calls to the other company.
  • If you get a call that needs to be directed to another department, use extension transferring to send the call to the appropriate extension. You can do this either with an announcement (warm transfer) or without the announcement (blind transfer). With a warm transfer, you can speak to the target before redirecting the call and the receiver can see your extension. With a blind transfer, the receiver is uninformed about where the call came from and does not hear from you before receiving the call.

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Other Features

  • Call Routing

    Turn on the dial plan and get your call connected to the correct endpoint.
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  • Dial By Name

    Find an employee's extension using only their name with this convenient directory feature.
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  • Unlimited Extensions

    Have several different extensions ring the same phone or set up extra extensions for conference rooms.
  • Find Me/Follow Me

    Route incoming calls to multiple phones in a specified sequence.
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  • Call Waiting

    GoTo's call forwarding service lets you see when a second call is coming in while on an active call.
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  • Call On Hold

    Place a caller on hold while transferring with this call forwarding feature.
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Yes, you can transfer calls to a forwarding number or extension outside of your company, even an international number. This is ideal if you have remote team members who are the appropriate people to handle a particular caller.

No, you don't need to know a special number or code. Simply press the transfer button and then press the user's extension. This eliminates busy signals or unanswered calls.

During a blind transfer, the call is transferred without first speaking to the receiver. The receiver also does not see the extension of the person transferring the call. During a warm transfer, the person transferring the call can speek to the receiver before they transfer the call. The caller’s ID will also appear on the receiver's handset.

Call transferring and call forwarding options are already part of your GoTo Connect service and require no hardware set-up.

There are many ways you can use call forwarding to benefit your company. For example, if an assistant has transferred a call to you but the call is actually for someone else, then you can simply transfer the call directly to the person or department that should have received that call. Alternatively, call transferring and extension transferring are effective features that connect customers quickly with the individual who can help them.

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