Conference call bridging from any device 

GoTo Connect's conference call bridging lets you hold both phone and video conferences with participants on any device, anywhere in the world. Get phone conference bridging when you sign up for a GoTo Connect plan.

"The phone system works with minimal outages, and the interface is both intuitive and sleek. Easy to manage phones and overall system administration."
Administrator in Security & Investigations review via G2
"The rollout was really fast, easy, simple, and smooth, almost plug and play. It didn’t even feel like we moved from one system to another."
Karen Hoflin, Vice President Go Insurance
"GoTo Connect with the Teams Connector is easy. It’s nice to have one platform to be able to do our video calling. All our phone calls route through Teams and it has been flawless."
Randy Zajonczkoski, Director of IT Dixon Schwabl + Company

You don't have to choose between phone or video conferencing 

With GoTo Connect's conference call bridging, you can schedule both phone and video conferences with multiple participants from one platform. And you can also turn any phone or video call into an instant, 3-way meeting.

Plus, participants can join a conference call from anywhere and any device, without losing anybody on the line and without the call quality dropping.

  • Schedule and hold phone and video conferences with up to 20 participants, depending on the devices used
  • Invite participants using a dedicated link, or dial their phone number and merge their call with the rest of the conference
  • Join a conference from a landline, VoIP-enabled phone, or any iOS or Android-compatible device, anywhere in the world
  • Support agents better by letting managers and supervisors join their calls silently to provide feedback and live support
GoTo Connect Interface conference bridging on tablet, smartphone and desk phone.

What can you do with conference call bridging?

Hold professional phone and video conferences

With GoTo Connect's conference call bridge, participants can join a scheduled phone or video conference instantly.

As the host, you have full control over who's attending, and you can easily invite additional callers, mute participants, or remove people from a conference call at any point in time.

The conference bridge technology also lets you merge calls, or make warm transfers seamlessly. Simply press the conference button and dial the number of the other person you want to join the call.

You can also set up conference calls to record automatically so that every important detail is captured.

Managing participants in a GoTo Connect meeting on mobile.

But that's not all you get with GoTo Connect

As a VoIP phone service, GoTo Connect is more flexible than an on-site PBX.

  • Call forwarding & transfers

    Forward and transfer calls to the right person, desk, phone line, or mobile number without losing the caller.
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  • Call queuing

    Get incoming calls divided up among staff evenly, and reassure them with updated call waiting times.
  • Call routing

    Have every one of your calls sent automatically to the correct endpoint.
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  • Call waiting & call on hold

    Keep a caller on the line with customized music or messages while they wait to be answered.
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  • Custom Auto-Attendants

    Play customized messages for callers, or automatically read out the menu or directory.
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  • Hot desking

    Easily share desk phones between multiple employees across all shifts.
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  • Number porting

    Keep your existing business numbers by bringing them over with you to GoTo Connect.
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  • Virtual voicemail

    Listen to voicemail messages via desktop, web, or mobile app, and read message transcripts.
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What is GoTo Connect?

GoTo Connect is a fully customizable cloud phone system designed to help your business function seamlessly, no matter where your teams are working.

When you sign up for a plan, you don't just get a VoIP phone service: you get an entire package of phone and virtual meeting tools that support your team in doing their best work, all the time.

Explore all GoTo Connect features
  • Placing a video on GoTo Connect using a desk phone with touchscreen

    Phone lines & calling

    Includes number porting, call forwarding, hot desking, local, toll free, and vanity numbers, call queuing, and auto-attendants
  • A chat conversation taking in place in GoTo Connect’s chat interface, with options to start a voice call or video meeting from the chat screen.

    Meetings & chat

    Includes instant team messaging, audio conferencing with over 30 countries, and one-click call-to-video-meetings
  • Two analytics panels from GoTo Connect, showing Total Active Calls and progress bars for Daily Queue Totals.

    Support & analytics

    Includes real-time analytics, inbound and outbound call monitoring, and agent effectiveness reporting

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, whenever someone joins or leaves a phone meeting or conference, everyone will be notified.
Yes! If you are moving between calls, simply merge the calls from your handset or user portal to create a three-way conference call.