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Meet with local and international participants.

A conference call service for anyone, anywhere

GoTo enables VoIP and telephone callers to join the same conference line, so everyone can take part, on any device or by phone.


Why choose GoTo?

We care about protecting your trusted data. We continually update products with the strongest privacy and security features like:

  • GDPR/CCPA compliant
  • Password protected meetings
  • Participant removal
  • Meeting lock

Conference calling for every industry

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    Provide a professional experience for clients, from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Professional services

    From sales to finance, every company needs reliable conference calling.
  • Automotive

    Keep dealership and off-site staff connected to each other and to customers.

The audio quality you need

We’re invested in our audio quality. We built our own Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), enabled our own audio conferencing bridge and scaled into global data centers. All to keep your audio quality clear and steady.

Worldwide convenient access

Give everyone, including international attendees, the option to call in with Toll-Free Numbers. With numbers for 50+ countries, attendees can choose the most convenient method – without worrying about long-distance charges.

Easy on-screen controls

With GoTo, run your meeting seamlessly with simple controls like mute, presenter switching and call recording.

All the features you want

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    Background noise suppression

    Filter out distracting background noises for better focus and attention to meetings.

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    Connect to your existing software, like Slack, Outlook, Office 365, Google Calendar, Salesforce.


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    Call Me option

    Let attendees request a call from the meeting to join instantly – no PIN needed.

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    Dial Out option

    Have GoTo automatically call attendees to join the meeting so everyone is on time.

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    Mobile apps

    Easily start, join and schedule conference calls from your iPhone or Android device.

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    Free call recording

    Capture everyone’s audio whether they’ve connected on VoIP or dialed in by phone.

GoTo Suite has all of your business needs

GoTo Meeting for fast, reliable, and secure video

  • 80+ million annual online meetings
  • 99.95% service uptime
  • Top rated mobile app

  • Explore GoTo Meeting

GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect for calls, meetings, and messaging

  • Flexible cloud-based phone system
  • Video conferencing
  • Support center capabilities

  • Explore GoTo Connect

GoTo Room for video conferencing equipment

  • Industry-leading audio/hardware provider
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Seamless integrations

  • Explore GoTo Room

GoTo Webinar for live and pre-recorded webinars

  • Easy event management and setup
  • Webinar templates provided
  • Automated email reminders

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Starting a conference call is simple. After signing in, click Start your meeting, and the call will begin immediately. You can also start your call on the GoTo mobile or desktop app. Looking to organize a conference call for later? Click Schedule and follow the prompts for date, time and invitees.
It varies depending on the GoTo plan you select. Our biggest option allows up to 250 attendees to join. Need more than that? OpenVoice provides standalone audio conferencing with up to 500 callers.
We include conference calling in our free trials, and we offer affordable paid plans for organizations of any size after your trial ends. Each plan comes with 24/7 support, professional features and the reliability you’d expect for a business service.
Free conference calling services may help in a pinch, but they’re not something you should consider building your business on. Free conference calling services rely on the infrastructure of remote phone carriers, which means there’s no guarantee of quality.
That may not seem like a problem if you have an unlimited voice plan on your phone, but some wireless carriers will block access to free conference numbers or restrict usage as part of your terms of service agreement. This means some callers may not be able to connect or might have to pay a fee on their phone bill, especially if they’re calling from overseas.
With a GoTo free trial, you can explore a professional conference call experience for your team and customers.
With GoTo, you can try our conference calling solution with a free trial which includes unlimited VoIP and phone audio. If you dial in by phone, be aware you may incur costs from your own mobile carrier at your regular calling rate. If you’re looking to add toll-free numbers to your online meetings, rates start at $0.08 per minute. Ready to buy now? Check out our plans & pricing.
We provide toll-free and long-distance numbers for countries around the globe so attendees can easily join your conference call, no matter where they’re based. Check out the full list.
Yes, GoTo lets you start a conference call without screen sharing or video conferencing. You can simply use the phone number and access code provided in your invite email after scheduling the call. If you want, you can delete the extra information so attendees know they only need to dial in.
Of course! After installing the GoTo on your Android device or iPhone, you have a few options:
  • Tap the Join URL of the desired session from your messages or email.
  • After opening the app, input the session ID or personal meeting page name and hit Go or the arrow icon.
  • Open the GoTo app and tap the meeting listed from your calendar app.
Yes, you can capture everyone’s audio whether they’ve connected on VoIP or dialed in by phone.

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