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Secure and manage devices and data. Automate tasks. Inventory and report on your fleet. All from any location, all on one reliable platform.

Take the complexity out of mobile device management.

With an unbeatable feature set for effective device management – plus a remarkably user-friendly interface – GoTo Resolve MDM takes the stress out of managing and protecting mobile devices, tablets and workstations across iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Limit downtime, automate tasks, and gain unparalleled visibility into company-owned and BYOD devices – all from a single, user-friendly portal.

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Gain control over devices and their usage

Take control and secure your fleet of devices with simplified management through a single portal. With GoTo Resolve MDM, IT can:

  • Collect hardware and software info on devices, view device inventory and monitor and track fully managed and BYOD devices in real-time.
  • Install and manage apps and mobile content centrally. Remotely block and remove apps & software from any device.
  • Manage device and data usage as well as device lifecycles
  • Access powerful analytics and reports on device and data usage
Desktop interface of Resolve MDM dashboard and device options.

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  • Streamline support and respond, act, and resolve issues – all in one place.

    End-to-end coverage

    To support flexible and hybrid work, IT teams need an equally flexible MDM software that mitigates risk, protects against device misuse, and allows real-time reporting on critical system updates.
  • Maximize productivity with time-optimizing features like unattended access.

    Airtight security

    Mobile devices can pose a security threat for your business if stolen, lost, or hacked. With cyber attacks on the rise, you need an MDM with enterprise-grade security and consumer-grade ease of use.
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  • Make secure I-T simple and keep systems safe while business stays up and running.

    Easy to use

    When business leaders are being asked to do more with less, the right MDM software should help IT leaders automate more processes and spend less time managing mundane and manual tasks.

All-in-one IT management and support that goes beyond MDM

Boost productivity, reduce downtime, and mitigate security risks. Use MDM to manage and secure company devices, and use RMM functionality to manage and monitor them. GoTo Resolve gives you control over your IT environment and its endpoints.

  • Remote Monitoring & Management

    Reduce the risk of cyber threats, automate routine IT tasks, and gain better visibility and control over your endpoints.
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  • Remote Support

    Support employees and customers and seamlessly solve just about any tech issue – from anywhere – with flexible, fast, and secure remote support capabilities.
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  • Remote Access

    Connect to your remote devices as if they were right in front of you – on or off your network, from any location.
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Frequently asked questions

There are several similarities between MDM and RMM solutions in their ability to remotely manage and monitor devices. However, MDM is mainly focused on managing and securing mobile devices and major device platforms like Android, IOS, MacOS, and Windows. The typical scope includes device inventory, security policy enforcement, and deployment of applications and configurations. RMM solutions are mainly focused on monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting of devices, allowing IT admins to proactively manage and resolve issues remotely.

GoTo Resolve MDM can be purchased as a standalone solution or as an add-on solution to our GoTo Resolve Standard, Premium, or Remote Support plans. See plans and pricing.

GoTo Resolve MDM tightens security and control of devices in several ways, including the ability to remotely lock devices to prevent misuse, remotely wipe or select wipe of company-specific data, track location, set security policies for passcodes, restrict application use for devices within a company, and more. These features can be enabled to prevent the misuse of sensitive information or if a device is lost or stolen. All from a centralized console. 

Application management allows IT admin to manage the installation, configuration, updates, and restrictions over internally developed or commercially available applications across device platforms; Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows. IT admins can deploy, remove, blacklist/whitelist, applications, and manage software licenses. Application management features have slight variations across device platforms.

With our MDM software, IT admins have access to several analytics features including a dashboard for a quick overview of all management devices and security levels, a detailed device inventory report with all device inventory information in a single view, and a report builder to dive deeper into specific metrics and use cases.

If you are looking to manage a large number of iOS devices, you can connect to an Apple Business or School Manager account and start using Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment Program with our MDM software.

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See what Mobile Device Management can do for your business.

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