Create better customer experiences with call monitoring

Coach agents and boost performance with Listen, Whisper, and Barge modes.

What is Call Monitoring?

Call monitoring lets you easily listen to conversations your call center team or sales agents are having on any extension or phone line, so you can assess how well they handle customer interactions – without interrupting the call.

You can even feed your agents and reps information during the call, or join the conversation as a third party to resolve issues directly.

Screens showing agent activity monitoring as well as call queues.

Call monitoring features for better sales and support

Monitor conversations in real-time with Listen mode

Join and listen to phone calls your agents are having – without the agent or the customer being notified that someone has joined the call.

Use what you hear to measure performance and provide agents with specific feedback, so they can improve on future calls.

Woman smiling with a headset showing call monitoring options including listen, whisper, and barge.

Why Choose GoTo Contact Center for Call Monitoring?

GoTo Contact Center makes it easy to improve agent performance with call monitoring. Contact Center software is faster to setup than traditional call center software and much easier to use. And, thanks to the latest in VoIP technology, call quality is top-notch and more reliable than what you get with a regular call center.

Screen showing a customized dashboard for call monitoring.

Everything you need for better outcomes

  • Agent Wrap-Up

    View agents’ call logs and call-related stats, monitor their performance, and see how the call went.
  • Tag Management

    Create and manage tags for chat conversations, so agents can search chats and quickly identify pain points.
  • Missed Call Indicator

    See when agents have missed calls or messages and have them follow-up as soon as possible.
  • Call Recording

    Record calls and listen at a later time to see what worked, find what didn’t, and improve future call performance.
  • Chat Surveys

    See how customers enjoyed their chat experience with customizable surveys.
  • Reporting & Analytics

    Improve performance with insights gleaned from contact center analytics, including stats like total calls over time.

Frequently asked questions

By default, only admins are allowed to monitor calls with Listen, Whisper and Barge. However, admins can easily extend call monitoring permissions to any user or group of users.
Agents can access call logs for their own extensions and activity, but not that of other users. Admins, however, can access all individual and company-wide call logs and analytics.
Call logs are stored for the past 90 days, but can be downloaded as a .CSV file for later viewing at any time.
Users can configure automatic or manual recordings in the user portal – it’s easy. However, recording cannot be “turned on” mid-call and must be selected before the call takes place.
By default, only admins can record conversations. However, admins can easily extend this permission to specific agents and supervisors.
Recorded calls are stored for free in the cloud; the exact number of minutes that can be stored varies, as different file sizes use different amounts of space. Calls are stored for 20 weeks. If you need extra storage or long-term storage, Amazon Simple Secure Storage is available for a minimal fee.

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