6 proven title formulas that boost webinar registrations

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E=mc2, the quadratic formula, the Pythagorean theorem — these are all formulas that work. You plug the values and you get the right answer.

But do you know what’s even cooler than finding the length of the hypotenuse? Finding the perfect webinar title to maximize registrations.

When you think about it, your webinar title may be the most important piece of webinar marketing. It’s the headline for every marketing piece, it communicates the crux and value of your webinar, and it drives registrations. All you have to do is find the right formula, plug in key webinar details, and get a title that works.

By analyzing registration numbers and attendance rates we’ve discovered certain title formulas consistently work better than others.

Here are the best webinar title formulas we’ve found in order of effectiveness:

1. Lists

Example: 10 Little Known Ways to [blank]

First of all, everyone likes a good list. It gives your audience a clear idea of what they can expect from your webinar. You just need to make sure your title is niche enough to attract the audience you want. For example, “10 Ways to Be Better at Business” is not specific enough to target niche audiences. It is also so general that it doesn’t really communicate value. Here are a few examples of more targeted list titles:

  • 10 Ways to Use YouTube Videos to Increase Conversions
  • 5 Little Known Habits of the Most Successful Online Entrepreneurs
  • Top 7 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness on Pinterest

2. How to

Example: How to do [something awesome] like [someone awesome]

How-to titles are a great way to show your authority; not only can you tell people how to do something, but you can tell them how to do it like a boss. And attendees know they’ll leave the webinar with practical tips and actionable takeaways.

  • How to Promote Your Etsy Business Like a Marketing Pro
  • How to Structure Your Work Day Like Steve Jobs
  • How to Build Your Own Website Like a Professional Coder

3. 101

Example: [Interesting topic] 101: Learn How to [blank] Like a Pro

101 titles may make your audience feel like they are registering for college classes again, but they also convey your webinar is full of valuable, useful information. These titles are great when you’re covering a new or trending topic people want to learn about. And “101″ conveys that beginners can attend your webinar and still understand the content.

  • Product Photography 101: Staging and Lighting Tips for Beginners
  • Instagram Ads 101: From Creating Great Ads to Boosting Click-Through Rate
  • Web Design 101: How to Create Clean, High-Converting Websites

4. Classes, Trainings, and Workshops

Example: Master Content Marketing Workshop

Unlike 101-titles, classes/trainings/workshops communicate that your webinar will include in-depth information. These webinars are typically not for beginners (unless explicitly stated) and attendees expect to gain exclusive information from industry leaders.

  • Advanced Pinterest Workshop: Staying Ahead of Algorithm Updates
  • eCommerce Master Class for Small B2B Businesses
  • Mobile SEO Training: Keywords and Content Strategy

5. New

Example: New Data Reveals How Marketers Should Be Doing [blank]

Titles with the word “new” are exciting and timely. People are naturally attracted to new-titles because they suggest attendees will receive exclusive information most people don’t have access to yet. It’s a great way to create urgency and show that your brand is current and relevant.

  • New Techniques to Boost Your Page Rank
  • New Facebook Strategies to Attract More Likes and Followers
  • New Tech All Marketers Should Know About

6. Trends

Example: The New Trend in [blank] that [someone trustworthy] Swears By

Trending titles/topics are a great way to include yourself in a larger conversation and show your audience you’re aware of the latest industry developments. With “trending” webinars, attendees expect a fresh perspective, so it’s always a good idea to partner with another brand or bring in an industry expert to provide different opinions more thought-provoking content.

  • Video Ad Trends Changing the Way We Connect with Brands
  • Smartphone Trends: Are They Worth the Upgrade?
  • Natural Living Trends That Will Have You Seeing Green

Your webinar content could be amazing, but it doesn’t matter if your title doesn’t grab attention and drive action. Don’t overthink it; use one of our fool-proof title formulas, and you’ll see a boost in registrations and attendance rates. If you're looking for hassle-free webinar software for easy online events, check out GoTo Webinar.