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What’s new in Remote Management & Support

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  • Desktop app screen showing GoTo Resolve’s new onboarding process. GoTo Resolve

    End-User Portal & Enhancements

    Let end-users create, comment on, and monitor support tickets from an all-new dedicated portal.
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  • Image showing Rescue translating a customer’s support question in french to english for the representative. Rescue

    Live Translation Services

    Provide multi-language support in remote sessions regardless of what languages your agents speak.
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  • Screen showing GoToMyPC’s account security level 2 Factor Authentication option. GoToMyPC

    Security Center

    See your personalized security score and how to plug security holes in a single dashboard.
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  • Screens showing a Zendesk ticket and the option to open a GoTo Resolve session for the ticket. GoTo Resolve

    Zendesk Integration

    Initiate remote support sessions and automatically track session information from within Zendesk tickets.
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  • Screen showing an automated GoTo Resolve message prompting the user to update and restart their computer. GoTo Resolve

    Scheduled Automations

    Your IT team can now schedule remote execution jobs or device updates – even for offline devices.
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What’s New in Communication & Collaboration

Get flexible, easy, and intuitive communication experiences.

  • Mobile phone screen showing a feedback survey powered by GoTo. GoTo Customer Engagement

    Custom Surveys

    Create custom surveys to collect customer feedback while boosting engagement and loyalty.

    Not available outside of United States & Canada
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  • Screen showing the messaging assistant prompt with options for tone including friendly, professional, casual, and enthusiastic. GoTo Customer Engagement

    AI-Powered Messaging Assistant

    Generate content for SMS campaigns and customer conversations with OpenAI integration.

    Not available outside of United States & Canada
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  • Phone screen showing a shared inbox with categories of assigned, unassigned, and resolved messages. GoTo Customer Engagement

    Mobile Inbox

    Interact with customers anytime, anywhere with a shared inbox and contacts optimized for mobile.

    Not available outside of United States & Canada
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  • Map showing spots of network probes and their current connection strength. GoTo Connect

    Network Test for Admins

    Monitor, visualize, and drill down into user and network degradation issues via your GoTo Admin portal.
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  • Screens of GoTo’s API guides showing how to get a specific phone number order in a variety of code languages. GoTo Connect

    GoTo Admin Voice APIs

    Create brand-new applications with 25 new APIs for phones, devices, and more.
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  • Window of call volume insights including percentages of calls open, closed, auto attended, and user escapes. GoTo Connect

    Dial Plan Call Volume Analytics

    Uncover insights into how callers interact with your business, spot bottlenecks, and improve experiences.
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  • GoTo Connect desktop app screen showing multiple participants in a voice call. GoTo Connect

    Softphone Experience

    Easily park and transfer calls and enjoy 3-way calling with an optimized softphone experience for desktop.
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  • New GoTo app onboarding sceen showing the options to add new phone numbers or port existing numbers. GoTo Connect

    Simple Setup

    Set up, implement, and test your VoIP phone system in 5 easy steps with a guided onboarding flow.
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What else is new?

  • Remote Management & Support

    GoTo Resolve: Device Groups extended to RMM
    GoTo Resolve: Custom Fields for Tickets
    GoTo Resolve: Customer Attended App
    GoTo Resolve: In-session File Manager
    GoTo Resolve: Android UA Manufacturer Expansion
    Rescue: Calling Card as a Service
    Rescue: Admin AD Sync
    Rescue: Updated Admin UI
    GoToMyPC: Experience Optimizer
  • Communication & Collaboration

    GoTo Connect & GoTo Meeting: End-to-End Encryption
    GoTo Connect: E911 per Location Alerts
    GoTo Connect: Caller ID Swap
    GoTo Connect: SMS Registration
    GoTo Contact Center: Real-Time Call Queues Alerts
    GoTo Contact Center: Updated Customer Callback Number Experience
    GoTo Connect Admin: Desk Phone Settings
    GoTo Connect Admin: Device Status
    GoTo Webinar: Webinar on Mobile with Deep Link
  • G2 Leader in Small Business Spring 2023
  • G2 Easiest to Use in Small Business Spring 2023
  • TrustRadius Best Relationship Winter 2023

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