What’s new: Enhanced security and optimized experience for GoToMyPC

What’s new with GoTo: New integrations, analytics, and an improved app experience


GoToMyPC knows reliability and total security is imperative when it comes to your remote access software. We are invested in giving you the right tools to provide leading-edge security and unbeatable performance, allowing you to make better and faster decisions for you and your business. Check out our latest enhancements.

Securing your business just got easier: Security Center

With GoToMyPC’s Security Center, you gain enhanced protection and insights into your account, making it easier to get data and insights from our award-winning remote access software. Our new feature allows you to manage settings, improve device vulnerabilities, and view your security score – all in one centralized dashboard.

The Security Center features let you monitor, personalize, optimize and configure all your security settings. Now in one place, you can:

  • Customize password strength
  • Add additional layers of security with 2FA
  • Proactively identify and protect against threads with complimentary antivirus
  • Lock the host computer at the start or end of every session
  • Lock keyboard and mouse during remote sessions to prevent access
  • Enable screen blanking on the host device to ensure privacy during sessions
  • Disconnect automatically with security time-out

Plus the all-new Security Scoring feature allows you to see your security score and learn how and where you can quickly improve the security of your account. You can now take immediate actions to increase your security level by safeguarding your account and devices.


Learn more about the GoToMyPC Security Center

Enjoy better, stronger, faster remote access: Experience Optimizer

With 20+ years of remote access you can count on, GoToMyPC knows making remote access painless, frictionless, and relentlessly fast is paramount. Optimal performance is a must. The Experience Optimizer helps you avoid session slowdowns and screen freezes due to poor connection. The new tool enhances your remote session experience by checking your internet speed and adjusting the resolution based on internet connection, meaning your sessions will automatically improve.

Learn how to use the new Experience Optimizer.

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