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Jive SD-WAN powered by VeloCloud

Receive enterprise-grade quality, security, and access to cloud business applications for all of your locations using less-expensive broadband connections.


Improve network quality and performance.

Jive SD-WAN supports network quality of service with layer 7 network awareness, giving priority bandwidth and dynamic path selection to the most critical applications. Jive SD-WAN uses sub-second packet steering and remediation/duplication technology to improve application performance by solving for packet loss and jitter. New bandwidth aggregation technology, combined with edge device bandwidth from multiple WANs, reduces downtime and ensures connections won’t experience disruptions.


Secure network and WAN traffic.

Get direct connection security using lower-cost broadband. Allow users to access cloud services and business applications over encrypted networks and secure connections. Proactive monitoring and ISP management delivers a secure network to enterprise and cloud datacenters.


Scale seamlessly, enjoy increased control of your WAN.

Easily scale the deployment of your WAN as you grow. Support your current MPLS infrastructure with broadband. As traffic increases, you can move applications to the Cloud or restructure your WAN. Complete flexibility allows you to set up your network in whatever way best suits your requirements. Dedicate some traffic to MPLS and some to broadband connections.


Add and easily manage an edge-to-edge overlay network.

Add new sites and bandwidth within hours using pre-configured, zero-touch deployments or virtual appliances for all of your locations. Use Jive’s orchestrator GUI-based, multi-tenant interface to add network visibility and simplify operations. Manage multiple offices and have easy access to your entire network history to easily pinpoint and troubleshoot any problem areas. Even with a single business location, you can improve the quality of your important applications over potentially less-expensive broadband connections.


All of the features you need to succeed

Jive SD-WAN offers a range of network features and controls, including:

  • Dynamic Multi-path Optimization
  • Sub-second packet steering
  • WAN Optimization
  • Link Remediation and correction

  • Bandwidth aggregation
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Support for multiple transport types (MPLS, Broadband, 3G/4G)
  • Traffic segmentation

  • Dynamic path selection
  • App-specific QoS and SLA
  • Survivability
  • Single pane of glass GUI-based management

  • Analytics
  • Monitoring
  • Security (Encryption)
  • Dynamic network mesh setup/teardown

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