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Add Dial-By-Name to Your Phone System

Make it easy and fast for your callers to connect to people in your company.

What is a Dial-By-Name Directory?

Not every caller or employee knows the phone number extension for the person they are trying to reach when they are dialing. But, they do know the name of the person they want to reach.

The dial-by-name feature included with the GoToConnect VoIP solution lets your callers bypass the auto attendant or receptionist, search by the person's name, and quickly get connected. Whether it's an inbound call or an internal call, dial-by-name makes it convenient for everyone who's trying to connect.


Advantages of the Dial-By-Name Directory

Traditional phone systems just can't offer the convenience of a VoIP and cloud-based PBX platform with a host of valuable features.



Dial-by-name takes the confusion out of connecting with an outside caller or team member when all they have is a person's name.


Call Flow Speed

The dial-by-name feature removes multiple steps from connecting a caller with their intended target by working with one piece of information.



Dial-by-name works with both corporate directories and local directories as well as across devices and types of phone numbers, including toll-free numbers and international phone numbers.



Today's remote workforce often uses their Android or iOS devices to connect with their team members, so the dial-by-name feature's ability to be imported to these devices enables mobile productivity.

Why Choose GoToConnect?

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Greater Value

GoToConnect includes more than 100 features, giving you more functionality and value for your investment.

Maximum Uptime

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Relevant Technology

GoToConnect delivers the most advanced communications technology available and is always upgrading features and tools.



The dial-by-name feature helps a caller find the extension of their intended target just by using the person's name. Users can customize their personal directory entry by recording their own name. This feature can be accessed directly on a handset or through the online user portal.


Local Directory on Phone

The local directory feature supports up to 100 entries with speed dialing allowed for all entries. These local directories are unique to each phone and managed by that phone's individual user.

This convenient phone feature allows the user to move back and forth between two devices, providing a way to stay in touch with both work and phone contacts.


Corporate Directory on Phone

The corporate directory feature connects with an existing LDAP directory to provide searchable contact matching. The on-phone corporate directory is accessed through LDAP and may be integrated with external directories.

Having this phone feature means you don't have to rely on hard copy directories or sticky notes in your workplace. Instead, you can access all your colleagues' extensions directly on your company phone system or your own mobile device.


Other Features


Dial By Extension

Dial an extension and reach your party faster.


Speed Dial

Enjoy quicker calling on a desk phone, desktop interface, softphone, or mobile app.


Call Transfer

Transfer a call from your line without losing the caller.

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Call Waiting

See when a second call is coming in while on an active call.

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Call On Hold

Place a caller on hold while you transfer them or find an answer.

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Call Forwarding

Forward your extension to any cell phone, landline, or co-worker.

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How do I access the dial-by-name directory?

The dial-by-name directory can be accessed directly from the headset by pushing a button or through the online user portal, where it also offers a search feature.

Can customers who are calling into the company access the dial-by-name directory?

Yes, you can import any of your directories by using your dial plan editor. Those calling in can then search for specific employees within any department.

Can anyone update the corporate directory?

Only those with administrator rights can update the corporate directory.

Can I import the directory to my smartphone?

The directory can be imported directly to a smartphone, tablet, or other handheld devices.

Can I dial from the directory?

Yes, when the desired name or number is highlighted in the directory, press "dial" or pick up the handset receiver.

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