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Leverage custom call waiting features

Enhance customer experiences with your contact center or call center by using GoToConnect's suite of call hold features.

What is Call on Hold?

Many companies receive more calls at their desk phones than their agents can handle at one time. Other situations require putting a call on mute so you can get the caller the help they require.

Call-on-hold is one of GoToConnect's many connectivity features that enhance the caller experience across the United States and the world. The tools include options for customizing messages, wait time information, and music. The connectivity tools work with the GSM network in Europe, as well as American providers like Verizon, AT&T and others.


Advantages of Call-On-Hold

Traditional phone systems don't deliver the benefits of a feature-rich call hold suite.

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    No additional costs

    All the call-on-hold features are already included in GoToConnect's affordable VoIP solution pricing. This means you can start using it right away without having to worry about paying any extra fees.

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    These additional tools offer a way to enhance your branding efforts through customized messaging that assists the caller and reinforces company values.

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    These additional connectivity options let you handle and route calls in the most efficient way possible.

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    Remote team members can leverage the call hold features to handle call volume and provide better customer experiences from any landline or mobile device while using an internet connection, Wi-Fi, or hotspot.

Why Choose GoToConnect?

GoToConnect's VoIP solution and PBX platform help your business improve the way you connect with customers and employees, offering 24/7 support, automatic technology upgrades, reliability, and a full feature suite for conference calls or support and sales engagement.
  • Connectivity

    GoToConnect's solution works across devices, channels, and time zones to deliver the highest connectivity levels whether through mobile devices or landline phones.
  • Reliability

    GoToConnect has a 99.99% proven reliability rating, ensuring you have the maximum uptime no matter where in the world you're located.
  • Value

    GoToConnect offers more than 100 features and its technology is continually upgraded at no additional cost to you.


Call Hold

The call hold feature lets you use a mute button to put a caller on hold while you transfer them, look up an answer to a question, or get assistance from a supervisor. Callers listen to your specified hold music until you engage them again by picking up the receiver.

This feature is beneficial when you need to get more information, assistance, or permission from another member of your team. Placing the caller on mute provides you with privacy so the caller doesn't hear what you're saying.


Call Waiting

The call waiting feature enables users to see when a second call is coming in while they are on an active call. A user can choose to answer the new call, place the current call on hold, or switch back and forth between calls. Users can place up to five calls on hold in addition to the active call, depending on the type of handset model. The call waiting feature works on all types of phones, including Apple devices like an iPhone or iPad.

This feature works well when you're on a call with a vendor and someone on your team calls with a question. You can simply place the vendor call on hold without losing your place while you answer your team member's question.


Pre-Call Announcement

The pre-call announcement feature provides agents with valuable information before they pick up the landline or mobile phone call. This helps the agent to be better prepared to engage with the caller as well as speed the call along for greater agent productivity and customer convenience.

This feature helps to create an exceptional customer experience. Knowing what a customer wants from the call before even saying hello can create a positive impression.


Wait Time Announcement

The wait time announcement feature provides a way to announce an estimated wait time for each caller on hold. Doing so enhances transparency and builds customer trust.

This feature delivers a realistic expectation for each caller, increasing patience, cooperation, and overall satisfaction.


Customized Hold Music/Hold Message

The customized hold music/hold message feature makes the caller’s wait time more pleasant. Rather than putting the call on mute and offering silence, you can customize the music they hear as well as add a creative message to enhance your branding efforts.

This feature can help you build your brand by providing customers with valuable information or messaging while they are a captive audience. You can customize the music, even including seasonal music to improve the caller’s experience.


Other Features

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    Conference Bridge

    Easily host a conference call with up to ten attendees.

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    Do Not Disturb

    Press a single button on the phone to make yourself unavailable.

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    Auto Divert

    Divert calls from a specific number to another person, extension, or dial plan.

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    Missed Call Indicator

    Receive an alert whenever you miss an incoming call.

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  • icon_routing-svg

    Call Routing

    Get your call connected to the correct endpoint.

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  • icon_forwarding-svg

    Call Forwarding

    Forward your extension to any mobile phone, landline, or co-worker.

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The hold button works for situations where you need to place a caller on hold, such as when you need to get information or permission from your supervisor or manager. Our online user guide offers more support.

Yes, you can put a caller on hold while you transfer them to a voicemail or another extension such as a landline connection or even a smartphone like an iPhone. You can also merge calls by connecting a second call.

Yes, you can customize what a caller hears while they are on hold rather than just placing them on mute. This option includes creating a customized message or customized hold music.

Use the online portal to set a wait time announcement or set it from your handset.

Depending on the handset model you use, it's possible to put up to five calls on hold in addition to a current active call.

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