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Improve call efficiency with call filtering

Optimize your PBX phone system with features that maximize an extension number, enable call filtering, and speed up connections.

What is call filtering?

GoToConnect offers inbound call filters. Call filters allow calls to be routed based on the incoming caller ID. For example, if you have a spam caller, you can choose for your phone to terminate the call as soon as it hits the system or you can choose for it to play a brief "blacklisted” message and then terminate the call. Alternatively, VIP clients can be directed straight to your line without going through an auto-attendant or receptionist first. Unlimited call filtering settings allow you to customize these options for as many specific numbers as desired. You can also use Do Not Disturb to manually send callers directly to your voicemail.


The benefits of call filtering

Increase productivity and efficiently route callers to their correct connection.
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    Virtual Receptionist Capabilities

    You can't always have a live receptionist available in the office to answer and screen every call. With GoToConnect, you can screen calls 24/7 and move callers to the right phone extension.

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    Block Unnecessary Calls

    No one wants to waste time handling spam calls and robocalls when there are customers and prospects that might be calling. Call filters can identify and block these types of calls, to let you work interrupted.

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    Enable Digital Interactions

    Today's work environment isn't always in the same physical location. To empower remote teams and scattered offices, GoToConnect handles call filtering digitally, through an online portal that can be accessed from anywhere.

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    Enhance the Customer Experience

    It's important to answer calls as quickly as possible so customers don't wait on hold. You can use call filters to field these calls, identify important ones, and move them quickly to their intended endpoint.

Why choose GoToConnect?

GoToConnect's cloud-based PBX system handles all your communication needs through advanced technology for one simple price.
  • Scalability

    Whether you grow or you have to scale back, GoToConnect adapts to your company size. You can always add or remove functionality or phone lines, as needed.
  • Optimum Uptime

    GoToConnect delivers the best reliability, with 99.99% uptime to keep you connected to your customers and team across locations, environments, and situations.
  • Latest Technology

    We’re working tirelessly to develop and integrate advanced technological features. New features and functionality are regularly added to our cloud PBX solution at no additional cost to you.

Shared Line Appearance (SLA)

Shared line appearance allows multiple phones to share a single extension. This makes it easy to move calls between phones, intercept calls, and place callers on hold for a shared participant to pick up.

An assistant might use SLA to see their boss's line on their desk phone. That way, they can screen the boss's calls. The phone display reveals who is calling, and can identify if it's a robocall. The assistant can place calls on hold while checking to see if it's a call the boss wants. The boss gets protected from handling unnecessary phone interruptions.


Visual Dial Plan Editor

The GoToConnect Visual Dial Plan Editor lets you map out your call flows visually using a drag-and-drop canvas. Map where incoming calls will go by using wait times, auto-attendants, voicemail boxes, sound clips, HTTP notify nodes, ring groups, modify caller ID nodes, and more. Different call patterns can be set for variable work hours, after hours, or holiday hours.

By logging into the GoToConnect online portal from any computer, you can make changes in real-time to your dial plans for phone lines on any device (including Android, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 4, and iPhone).


Automated answering and call routing

Automated answering provides assistance for callers even when an employee is not there or is on another call. Call routing helps get calls connected to the correct endpoint. When used together, through our easy Visual Dial Plan Editor, these features can take over everything from declining spam and robocalls to directing customers to voicemail or an available representative.

Other features

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    Call Routing

    Get your call connected to the correct endpoint.

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    Incoming Call Handling

    Efficiently handle incoming calls as part of your call center's phone-based support.

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    Call Transfer

    Transfer a call to the appropriate person without losing the caller.

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    Virtual Voicemail

    Listen to voicemail messages from anywhere – internet, mobile device or outside line.

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    VoIP Calling

    All employees can answer a call, place it on hold and have someone else pick it up.

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    Call Waiting

    See when a second call is coming in while on an active call.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, all phone numbers you designate can share an extension to handle incoming calls so one assistant can handle multiple co-worker calls.

No, they are not told that you have caller ID or what choice you make or even that the call was screened. The caller either reaches a live person or they are directed to voicemail if the call is rejected.

By default, paging is available to all users. However, the feature can be deactivated on an extension-by-extension basis.

Yes, any user can be in multiple ring groups. There are no limits to the number of ring groups that a company can have because this feature is part of the all-inclusive price.

You can use this feature to log in and out of individual device queues when you start and end your shift. It can also be used during meeting attendance or personal breaks so the calls can then be expedited to an available agent.

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