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With the GoTo App, you don't need VoIP phone hardware to make or receive calls! If you do need desk phones for your office, speak with our sales team before purchasing.

  • Basic
    A simple business phone system with chat and video conferencing built right in.
  • Standard
    Intuitive, customizable cloud phone system with secure voice, video meetings & chat.
  • Premium
    Standard + Contact Center with real-time metrics, SMS chat queues and much more.
Flexible Cloud Phone System
Call from Any Device, Anywhere
Communicate anywhere, on any device, via desktop, web, iOS and Android apps.
Basic Checkmark Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Existing Number Porting
Keep your existing mobile or landline number(s) with easy porting (transferring) to GoToConnect's cloud phone service.
Basic Checkmark Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Local, Toll-Free & Vanity Numbers
Choose a number that best suits your business and resonates with your customers.
Basic Checkmark Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Smart Call Routing
Never miss another call. Route calls to multiple phones in a specified sequence so you or someone on your team is always within reach, wherever you are.
Basic Checkmark Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Unlimited Extensions
Connect your customers to the right person, department, or mailbox to keep business moving.
Basic Checkmark Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Call Forwarding
Route calls from your landline or cell phone to the appropriate person – without disconnecting the caller in the process.
Basic Checkmark Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Auto Attendant Recorded Greetings
Custom greetings seamlessly route callers to the right place.
Basic 1 Standard Unlimited Premium Unlimited
Customizable Dial Plans
Map out call flows using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Set different patterns for after hours, weekends or holidays.
Basic 1 Standard Unlimited Premium Unlimited
Ring Groups
Ensure calls are answered quickly by configuring multiple devices to ring simultaneously until an agent can answer.
Basic 1 Standard Unlimited Premium Unlimited
Call Queues
Distribute incoming calls to participating agents for effective customer service and minimal wait times.
Basic 1 Standard Unlimited Premium Unlimited
Multi-Site Compatible
Configure dynamic 911 for different locations. Manage all your sites and customize users and devices by site.
Basic Standard Unlimited Premium Unlimited
Hot Desking
Allow users to share office phones and workstations by logging in to any device using their GoToConnect account.
Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Save time and hassle by sending and receiving faxes right from your email inbox.
Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
International Calling
Make and receive calls between 50+ countries – included free with specific plans.
Basic Charged per minute (all countries) Standard 50+ countries included free (additional countries charged per minute) Premium 50+ countries included free (additional countries charged per minute)
Voicemail to Email
Send voicemail messages to your email inbox as sound files to conveniently listen at your desk or on the go.
Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Seamless Call Management
Offer a better customer experience by easily moving calls between phones, transferring, or putting calls on hold with shared extension lines.
Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Quickly reach one or several colleagues by communicating over two-way speakerphone.
Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Reach colleagues anywhere with intercom messages. Receiving phones answer on speakerphone if not on “Do Not Disturb.”
Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Call Recording
Record all company calls or just those from specific numbers within your account. Access cloud-stored recordings from anywhere.
Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Caller Hold Time Report
Inform employees how long a caller has been on hold before they pick up the call.
Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Real-Time Analytics
Use predictive analytics to inform customer satisfaction and service decisioning.
Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Toll-Free Minutes
Add a toll-free number to your plan for your customers’ convenience.
Basic $.03/minute Standard 1,000 free minutes shared across account ($.019/additional minute) Premium 5,000 free minutes shared across account ($.019/additional minute)
Built-In Meetings & Messaging
Team Messaging
Keep your business connected with easy-to-use team chat.
Basic Checkmark Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Audio Conferencing
Use VoIP technology or dial into meetings with numbers for over 30 countries.
Basic Checkmark Standard Checkmark Premium Checkmark
Meeting Duration Basic 40 mins Standard Unlimited Premium Unlimited
Meeting Participants
Choose a plan that can accommodate the number of meeting participants you'll host.
Basic 4 Standard 150 Premium 250
Simultaneous Webcams
The number of webcams that can be turned on simultaneously during your meeting.
Basic 4 Standard 25 Premium 25
Customizable Cloud Contact Center
Call Analytics
Improve outcomes of your team's communication by identifying call patterns by day of the week, time, length, location, and issue. Check call traffic data to optimize productivity.
Premium Checkmark
Inbound & Outbound Call Monitoring
Ensure service quality and customer satisfaction by keeping an eye on phone interactions.
Premium Checkmark
Listen, Whisper & Barge
Supervisors can listen, whisper and barge during calls to manage agent performance and to communicate between callers and employees when needed.
Premium Checkmark
Supervisor Dashboard
Manage company calls in real time to best serve customers and assist agents.
Premium Checkmark
Customizable Admin Controls
Give specified admins full control of Contact Center functionality without giving permissions to the entire phone system.
Premium Checkmark
Real-Time Queue Updates
Get immediate updates on queues with high activity, as well as general queue status reports.
Premium Checkmark

Frequently Asked Questions

GoToConnect offers three plans: Basic, Standard and Premium – each with different pricing based on your business’ needs. Our most popular option is GoToConnect Standard, which includes unlimited use of top PBX features like call queues, ring groups and dial plans. It also includes meetings for up to 150 participants.
GoToConnect Premium includes video meetings for up to 250 meeting participants, and offers a powerful integrated Contact Center solution to bring better customer service capabilities to your business. Contact our sales team at 1-866-890-8931 to learn more.

Hardware is optional! GoToConnect’s video conferencing, voice calls, messages and admin features all work right on your computer or mobile device – whether in your browser or the GoTo app. If you need to build a phone system for your office, talk to our sales team.

Yes! We offer a multitude of integrations to streamline workflows and maximize productivity. Check out our integrations marketplace for more information. Can't find what you’re looking for? Build your own with the help of our developer center.
Yes! Contact us at 1-866-890-8931 to learn how GoToConnect is designed to drive productivity and growth for businesses. Learn about our business pricing options.
It couldn’t be simpler. You don’t need a credit card, simply sign up for your 14-day free trial for up to five users, and enjoy everything about GoToConnect Standard Tier – except international calling, number porting and creating a toll-free or vanity number. You’ll have access to one Ring Group, Visual Dial Plan, Call Queue and Auto Attendant to experience how the systems can work for your business.

Getting started with GoToConnect is easy! With our intuitive interface and visual dial plan editor, you can quickly create and customize your phone system, no IT experience needed.

Exact time to deployment is different for everyone, and depends on how many seats you have, how many numbers you’re porting (transferring), unique business needs, among other factors.

If you need assistance setting up, we’re always here to help.

Free international calling up to 52 countries is included only in Standard and Premium tiers. For more details on country availability and calling rates visit our international calling page.
We are required to charge any applicable taxes based on your location.

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