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What is cloud PBX?

PBX stands for private branch exchange, which is a fancy term for a business phone system. Historically, a PBX was an expensive system managed in your office. Now, PBX systems have evolved into virtual cloud-based systems, provided by third parties through the internet. These more modern services are called cloud PBX.

Cloud PBX phone systems, sometimes called virtual PBX or hosted PBX phone systems, remove the initial investment in PBX equipment and the ongoing expense of maintenance. This enables businesses of any size to offer internal and external calling without the high costs, including handling incoming calls and providing call forwarding capability. And, since cloud PBX systems are online services, you can realize the immediate advantage of newer features like video conferencing, paging, call recording and messaging for your phone number.

The advantages of cloud PBX

A traditional landline telephone system can’t hold a candle to the benefits of cloud PBX for business. This communication solution allows small businesses to communicate virtually with clients and employees.

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    No huge upfront costs

    A conventional on-site PBX can cost thousands of dollars just to purchase. On the other hand, virtual PBX services have much lower startup costs. You may only need to buy IP phones. Or, you can just opt to call from your laptop or mobile device.

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    Highly flexible

    There’s no need to call your phone company to update your call routing or to tie up money for future capital investments. A virtual PBX platform lets you make changes on the fly from any computer or mobile device so you can easily customize your phone system as your business needs change, including providing toll-free numbers for your customers and remote employees.

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    Quick deployment

    Thanks to its virtual nature, a cloud PBX can be up and running in hours. No cable cabinets or server switches necessary. Many cloud PBX phone systems are also designed with non-IT users in mind, meaning any office manager can easily set things up by themselves.

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    Worker mobility

    Admins and users are no longer tied to a brick-and-mortar office. A hosted PBX system lets you take your business communications wherever you go. Your mobile workers can still make and receive calls using their business numbers just as if they were in the office.

Why choose GoToConnect for your hosted PBX?

GoToConnect makes cloud PBX remarkably simple and amazingly affordable. With fast setup, clear calling and great reliability – plus 24/7 customer support – your teams will always be able to stay connected, no matter where they work.
  • Reduced costs

    The burden of your virtual phone system upkeep falls on us, so you can save time, money and effort. As a hosted PBX, you receive all the benefits of using a state-of-the-art business phone system without having to invest in the equipment. Nor do you have to continually think about spending money to upgrade it just to leverage new technology or features. Plus, for one all-inclusive price, GoToConnect offers over 100 hosted VoIP features to help your teams communicate more effectively across data centers, call centers, and offices.
  • Top reliability

    Our VoIP service is among the best-reviewed and highest-rated. And, with a history of 99.99% uptime for VoIP, GoToConnect is as dependable as they come. GoToConnect is also backed by LogMeIn, one of the world’s top 10 public SaaS companies.
  • High-performance technology

    The GoToConnect cloud PBX phone system is constantly improving as we lead the market into the next era of unified communications and collaboration. These advances are yours free with the service, so you can stay up to date without having to lift a finger.

Visual editor

There’s no need to turn to a technician to manage your call setup because you can easily do it yourself online. Make real-time changes and map out call flows with wait times, auto attendants, voicemail boxes and schedules through our visual Dial Plan Editor. It features a drag-and-drop interface for a clear view of everything, so it’s easy to understand and change on the fly.

Anywhere access

You can access your GoToConnect cloud PBX phone system anywhere there’s an internet connection rather than be tied to desk phones. As a virtual PBX solution, mobile or remote workers can even use their own smartphones as business phones: answering calls, checking messages and staying connected through our mobile app. This freedom to work from anywhere ensures your team can be where they need to be without missing a beat.

Easily scalable

GoToConnect enables organizations to expand without limits – our cloud phone system can support 10 handsets just as easily as 100,000 or more. Since the service runs in the cloud, you never need to worry about adding your own servers. We handle it all through our hosted PBX platform. You just select what you’d like to add online, and the changes to your cloud PBX roll out immediately. It's perfect for smaller businesses that are rapidly growing but need to ensure cost savings along the way.

All the cloud PBX features you could ask for and more

The cloud PBX features raise the bar on phone service and traditional PBX.

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    VoIP Calling

    With a virtual PBX solution, all employees can answer a call, place it on hold and have someone else pick it up.

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    Find Me/Follow Me

    When one or more lines don’t answer, calls roll over to the next available line.

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    Advanced Reporting

    Get in-depth, clear data to estimate caller demand and improve response times.

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    Unlimited Extensions

    Create however many extensions that your organization requires.

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    24/7 Customer Support

    Connect with our world-class support anytime via chat, email or phone call.

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    Video Conferencing

    Collaborate face to face in HD video with online meetings powered by GoToMeeting.

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Cloud PBX Frequently Asked Questions

An on-premises PBX helps connect employees with customers worldwide, but traditional PBX systems require physical equipment purchases and certified technicians on staff for upgrades or repairs. These PBX costs can be costly, and the phone system itself can be complicated to manage as business needs change. In addition, since your communications depend on one system, your business is at risk when a power outage occurs.

A cloud PBX system, meanwhile, can be implemented and customized easily by anyone, letting your phone system scale as your organization grows. Multiple cloud-based servers mean your system will always be available. And, since cloud-based technology shifts the cost away from your business, upgrading to a cloud PBX system can save your business money.
Compared to a conventional PBX system, which can cost thousands of dollars to buy and just as much to maintain, cloud PBX is the affordable option. GoToConnect offers everything you’ll need in a cloud PBX phone solution for one low, monthly per-seat price. Plans start at $19.95, with custom pricing available for large numbers of users. Learn more
As the name implies, cloud PBX relies on cloud-based technology, which uses the internet to store and move data rather than hardware servers that you own on-site. Your office phone lines still call in the same manner, but the voice signals are routed through the cloud by your PBX provider to their destination.
In a cloud PBX solution, the responsibility for maintenance, upgrades and monitoring shifts from your shoulders to your provider’s. If any issues crop up, you don’t need to allocate IT resources yourself to fix them. You can let your cloud PBX provider handle it. It’s one of the strongest reasons to choose a purely cloud-based solution because your business can get the cost-effective benefits of an enterprise-grade PBX system without worry or hassle.
The best cloud PBX systems combine the security and quality of on-premises solutions with the flexibility and simplicity of modern communications. You’ll want a service provider that offers useful features like voicemail, chat, fax, text and video conferencing without asking you to pay extra.

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