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Oversee and train your call center or contact center team to enhance customer satisfaction and agent performance.

What is Call Monitoring?

If you manage a sales team or oversee a call center team, call monitoring provides a way to see how each person handles a customer interaction on a call to ensure all phone calls are handled with the utmost quality assurance. You'll be able to monitor a call on any extension or phone line in your company without a call interruption or intervention.

As part of the call monitoring process, you can feed your customer service representative information that they can use during the call to alleviate an issue or answer a question they weren't sure how to handle. In certain situations, you can even join the conversation as a third party and help improve the customer experience without having to request that the customer repeat their concerns or questions.

For training purposes, calls can be recorded and used later on to improve how your team interacts with callers as well as handles conflict and questions.


How to Improve Call Monitoring

Call center workers and customer service representatives no longer just work from a central location like a call center. Now, companies look to outsource these roles to virtual team members who can work from home and improve the call monitoring process by:

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    Creating specialized care

    Implement a system that accommodates a decentralized model of customer care across multiple locations.

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    Including real-time training

    Include real-time training capability so that call center reps or sales team members can learn while they are on calls and adjust their script and responses accordingly.

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    Delivering reliable solutions

    Add a call monitoring solution that delivers reliability, high-quality communication, and easy-to-use tools without driving up investment, training, and upgrade costs.

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    Understanding the caller

    Understand that every call and situation is completely different, which requires a flexible call monitoring platform that gives you many ways to listen, participate, and interact with your agents and even callers.

Why Choose GoToConnect For Call Monitoring?

GoToConnect makes call monitoring an effective way to improve agent performance while elevating the customer experience. In contrast to traditional call center software, it delivers fast setup, clear calling, and reliability. You'll be able to monitor calls for quality assurance while reaping the benefits of leveraging today's latest communication technology.


Check out these comprehensive call center monitoring software features that enhance your customer support efforts:

Call Spy Mode

Spy mode lets an administrator enter an existing phone conversation without interrupting the call. Neither the call center agent or the customer gets notified that anyone has joined the call.

As a result of what the administrator learns from listening in on the conversation, they can provide more specific feedback so the agent or sales team member understands how and where they need to improve their approach on these calls.

Call Barge Mode

Barge mode provides a way for an administrator to join an existing inbound or outbound phone call, turning it into a three-way conversation between the caller, the agent, and the administrator.

Offering a way to increase customer satisfaction, this call monitoring mode works well when an administrator can step in and offer an authoritative voice to answer questions, clarify information, alleviate conflict or frustration on the part of the caller, or close a sale.

Call Whisper Mode

Whisper mode gives an administrator the ability to speak to the agent or a sales team member while they are on a call without the customer being able to hear what they are saying. This mode is ideal for helping new agents improve what they say and how they deliver information.

Think of it as real-time phone skills training. Each new agent can better understand how to enhance their customer support methods or how a sales team member can deliver a compelling sales pitch that closes the deal.

Presence Monitoring Mode

Presence monitoring mode lets an administrator visually monitor other extensions or lines so they can determine if an employee is on an active call or they are available to speak with or take their next appointment. This feature helps everyone know team member availability in an unobtrusive way. That means you don't have to move from your desk and disturb a colleague. And, with step-by-step assistance from our support content, you'll be able to set up and start enjoying the benefits of presence monitoring within minutes.

Other Features

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    Call Logs

    View data from every extension like dates, times, call duration and users.

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    Call Analytics

    Monitor inbound and outbound call patterns for locations, extensions, and Direct Inward Dialing (DIDs).

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    Call History

    Access call history from the desktop handset or the user portal's Reports tab.

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    Missed Call Indicator

    Get a blinking green light alert whenever a user misses an incoming call.

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    Call Recording

    Record some or all inbound/outbound calls and access them from the cloud.

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    Missed Message Indicator

    Receive new voicemail notifications in your user portal and on your phone.

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Our call monitoring system offers a default that only allows administrators the ability to monitor calls to help new agents and assess how they handle live call situations. However, an administrator can decide to give any user or group of users the ability to monitor calls.
Only an administrator can spy on a call. They may also choose to switch between the various call monitoring modes like whisper or barge mode.
Call barging is a feature of the call monitoring software. While monitoring a call session to assess quality standards, you may opt to use barge mode as well as to switch to spy or whisper mode.
End-users can access call logs pertaining to their individual extensions only. Administrators can access all individual and company-wide call logs and analytics.
Call logs are stored and available for the past 90 days but may be downloaded as a .CSV file for later viewing.
These options can be selected online through the user portal. However, recording cannot be “turned on” mid-call and must be selected before the call takes place.
By default, a recording is only allowed to administrators, but any user (or groups of users) can be given recording permission at the administrators’ discretion.
Recorded calls are stored in the cloud. Currently, this requires that an Amazon S3 account (cloud-based storage) is configured. There is minimal charge from Amazon S3 for maintaining a storage account; 1 Gig typically stores about 5,000 minutes of recorded calls. Jive will automatically create storage folders for each year, with first and second-level folders for each month and day, respectively. Recorded calls will be available no later than the start of the next business day and can be accessed directly through your Amazon S3 account portal or through the S3 Browser. Alternatively, some Jive-Supported VoIP handsets have a local recording option. This allows for a call to be recorded directly from the phone to a USB thumb drive connected directly to a port on the phone. These files are saved as .WAV files.

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