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Virtual voicemail for anywhere access.

Never miss another voice message with virtual voicemail from GoToConnect.

What is virtual voicemail?

Virtual voicemail refers to a collection of features offered by cloud-based phone systems. Essentially, virtual voicemail services store your messages online so they’re easily accessible from anywhere. Instead of always having to dial your voicemail phone number to retrieve your messages, you can simply listen to them from a web app or get them as attachments in your email.

Managing voicemail boxes for your team is also much easier. Because a virtual phone system is hosted in the cloud, you can quickly customize your voicemail delivery options, record professional greetings for callers and set up new voicemail boxes for every extension – all through a central online portal.

Setting up virtual voicemail for your business gives you the freedom to work wherever you need – and stay connected.


The advantages of virtual voicemail for businesses

Traditional voicemail systems can’t compare to the benefits of virtual voicemail.

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    Extra convenience

    You no longer need your work phone at hand to access your voice messages. Right when a caller leaves a voicemail, you can check it whichever way is most convenient for you: online, in your email or even by calling from another phone.

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    More professional

    Sure, an automated voicemail message may do the job, but it doesn’t do it well. Make a great impression on callers by recording a professional, personalized greeting. You can easily upload multiple recordings for different teams or numbers.

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    Time savings

    Calling your voicemail phone number and waiting for the prompts to finish before you even hear your first message is not an ideal experience. Virtual voicemail ditches the delays by letting you hear voicemails in just a click.

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    Simpler to manage

    As your business grows, virtual voicemail makes it easier to scale without creating headaches for IT. The best virtual phone systems offer streamlined, centralized portals so you can quickly change your voicemail settings across the business.

Why choose GoToConnect?

GoToConnect makes virtual voicemail remarkably simple and amazingly affordable. With features for voicemail to email, custom greetings and more – plus 24/7 customer support – GoToConnect can help your business stay connected, no matter where your employees work from.
  • Affordable

    For one all-inclusive price, GoToConnect offers over 100 business phone system features to help you communicate more effectively. We don't nickel and dime – you get all the power of GoToConnect for a single cost.
  • Reliable

    Our VoIP business phone system is among the best reviewed and highest rated. And with a history of 99.99% uptime for VoIP, GoToConnect is as dependable as they come. GoToConnect is also backed by LogMeIn, one of the world’s top 10 public SaaS companies.
  • Scalable

    With GoToConnect, you have a single pane of glass to make changes to your VoIP phone system on the fly. Our management portal also gives you the insights and analytics to see how your employees are communicating and collaborating.

Voicemail anywhere

No matter where you work or which device you use, GoToConnect makes it simple to check your voice messages. All of your voicemails are stored in the cloud, so they’re instantly accessible from your online account or in your email as an audio file. Of course, you can always call voicemail from your desk phone like normal – and just as easily check messages from an outside line.

Voicemail to email

Save yourself time and skip the voicemail prompts by having GoToConnect send voicemails straight to your inbox. Each voice message comes as a sound file attachment for one-click convenience and easy storage. Want notifications of new voicemails on your personal Android or iPhone? Use the specially formatted email address for your phone number that your carrier provides to get text messages sent right to you.

Custom voicemail greetings

Make the right impression on every caller with personalized recordings. GoToConnect allows you to record four different messages: unavailable, busy, your name or a temporary recording of your choice. Plus, you’re not just limited to custom voicemail greetings in GoToConnect – you can record messages that play at any point in your call flow.

All the virtual voicemail features you could ask for and more

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    Unlimited voicemail boxes

    Set up a new voicemail inbox for any number of extensions you create.
  • Shared voicemail boxes

    Enable a department or team to share a voicemail box with a single password.
  • Voicemail for ring groups

    Create a voicemail box for ring groups so everyone is notified of new voicemails.
  • Cloud storage

    Keep your voice messages in the cloud for easy access and management.
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    Provide callers with automated answering and call routing without live assistance.

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    Visual dial plan editor

    Easily map out each new extension so it automatically rolls over to the next line.

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  • Mobile accessibility

    Check your voicemail easily on the go with our app for iOS and Android.

How to set up a voicemail box for business

GoToConnect makes business voicemail easy to set up and manage. You can access your voicemail settings by making phone calls. Or, you can save time by doing it all online:

  1. Open GoToConnect and click Lines in the left sidebar.

  2. Choose the line whose voicemail you’d like to set up.

  3. Configure the settings using the Voicemail tab.

  4. Click Save.

  5. That’s it! Your new voicemail inbox is ready to go.

Changing your voicemail password

Forgot your voicemail password for GoToConnect? If you haven’t changed your voicemail password before, the default is 0000. Otherwise, follow these simple steps:

  1. Press the voicemail button on your phone or dial *98/*99.

  2. Press 0 for Mailbox Options and then press 5 to change the password.

  3. Enter your new password of at least four digits and then press #.

  4. Re-enter the new password and then press #.

  5. That’s it! Your new password is set.

Virtual Voicemail Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! Compared to phone plans from your traditional telecom, cloud-based phone systems are much more affordable. GoToConnect offers everything you’ll need for business VoIP for one low, monthly per-seat price. Plans start at $19.95, with custom pricing available for large numbers of users. Learn more
You can set things up easily from your online GoToConnect account.
  1. Sign in to GoToConnect and click the cog wheel icon in the left sidebar. Then choose Settings.
  2. Under Voicemail, check Enable voicemail-to-email notifications and put in your email address.
  3. Turn on Email voicemail recordings and select the file format (.wav49 is recommended for its smaller file size).

Tired of having an automated message for your voicemail? We don’t blame you. Here’s how to personalize your voicemail greeting in GoToConnect:

  1. Access the voicemail menu by dialing *99 or pressing the voicemail button on your phone.
  2. Press 0 for a list of mailbox options.
  3. Press the number for the message type you want to record.
    1. Press 1 to record an unavailable message.
    2. Press 2 to record a busy message.
    3. Press 3 to record a name that is followed by an automated message.
    4. Press 4 to record a temporary message.
  4. Follow the voice prompts to review and accept your recording.

GoToConnect offers six convenient options for accessing your voicemail from anywhere:

  1. Call voicemail from your own internal phone by pressing *99 (or the voicemail button).
  2. Dial in from another internal office phone with *98 and then enter your extension.
  3. Make a phone call to your extension from an outside line and press * when your voicemail greeting plays.
  4. Access your voice messages online from the GoToConnect user portal.
  5. Enable the voicemail to email feature to get your messages as file attachments.
  6. Download the iOS or Android app to quickly check voicemails on your smartphone.


We do! GoToConnect allows you to see and select which voicemail to listen to from the online portal or mobile app. It can save you time by allowing you to play just the message you want to hear – no need to wait through voice-menu prompts or old messages.

If you’re looking for voicemail transcription (where you get a text copy of the voice message in an email or text), the feature is not yet available for GoToConnect. In the meantime, you can get voicemail transcription on Grasshopper, our virtual phone system offering for small businesses.

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