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Jive is now GoToConnect!

More than a name change, GoToConnect addresses your crucial needs to have a truly unified, cloud-based phone and meeting solution that lets your organization do business from anywhere on any device.


Minimize Office Space with Hot Desking

Put employees wherever they are needed to optimize productivity.

What is hot desking?

Hot desking is space-sharing for an office environment or conference rooms and meeting rooms. In these scenarios, employees don't have an assigned desk or permanent desk, nor do their team members. Instead, they share desk spaces and devices with their co-workers on revolving shifts.

GoToConnect's hot desking feature for work environments employs users’ desk phones. Hot desking isn't necessary if a user makes and receives calls through GoToConnect on their laptop or mobile device. However, in cases when a physical desk phone is preferable, GoToConnect enables those phones to work independently of specific employees. This includes access to phone-specific features and quick intercom options.

Hot deskers can use a hot desk-enabled phone by dialing *43 and then entering their personal roaming profile username and password. After the phone reboots, the phone is tied to that hot desker. From there, the phone will access that individual's Caller ID to make outbound calls, store voicemails, and receive incoming calls for that personal extension.


The advantages of hot desking

Save money while optimizing staffing for your company.

Reduce Costs

When office workers use the same workspaces, they minimize the need for large offices in an expensive real estate market like that found in New York. The reduction in devices also means smaller equipment investment.



Today's companies need to scale up or down, as needed. Hot desking provides a model for quick workforce changes that now define today's business environment. When situations arise where you may need to shut down offices, having hot desking helps you temporarily scale down.


Eliminate Upfront Expense

Hot desking doesn't require an upfront investment to tap into the benefits of this communication technology. You don't need to purchase expensive software or pricey subscription plans.


Flexible Work Environments

Hot desking enables businesses to have remote workers come into the office anytime, without wondering where they can work. Workers can also be rotated in and out for various shifts, making this ideal for service-based businesses with round-the-clock hours.

Why choose GoToConnect?

GoToConnect is a complete cloud PBX solution that gives your business a communications solution made for a virtual and/or physical work environment.

Comprehensive Features

GoToConnect gives your team features that turn their smartphone or desktop into a mobile office, including virtual fax, VoIP calls, call forwarding, and more.

High Performance

Ensure business continuity no matter what the situation, and effectively scale your business, with a technology partner that delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

Digital Transformation

The ability for your team to access so many tools and technology in one cloud PBX solution provides numerous benefits, and equips staff to ensure business continuity and work from anywhere.

Hosted phone systems

Enjoy complete control over using and updating the cloud-based phone system in real-time from any internet-enabled device using the online portal. Use the hosted phone system to route calls, create schedules with custom dial plans, and record custom greetings. The hosted phone systems include unlimited voicemail boxes, auto attendants, and local and long-distance.

Cloud PBX

GoToConnect delivers a cloud VoIP phone system with web, audio, and video conferencing to collaborate and communicate through one simple, feature-rich application at an affordable price. Our cloud PBX solution offers valuable virtual and digital features designed to address the needs of a modern working environment, including remote teams and hot desks. GoToConnect’s cloud PBX system enables screen sharing, personal meeting rooms, call forwarding, analytics, and more.

Stored voicemails

Staying connected is critical. Having the ability to store voicemails in the cloud means that your remote team members can access those voicemails from anywhere, using a smartphone or other mobile device, or an outside line. Our voicemail to email feature lets you listen to messages directly from your inbox with a simple click, saving time by eliminating the need for voice prompts. Plus, you’ll enjoy an unlimited number of standard and shared voicemail boxes based on the number of extensions you create.

Other features


Call Forwarding

Forward your extension to any cell phone, landline, or co-worker.

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Virtual Fax

Send and receive unlimited faxes from your email inbox.

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Unlimited Extensions

Use an unlimited amount of extensions at no extra charge.

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Virtual Voicemail

Listen to voicemail messages from anywhere – internet, mobile device or outside line.

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VoIP Calling

All employees can answer a call, place it on hold and have someone else pick it up.

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Hosted PBX

Get a single cloud-based communication platform for voice, chat, text, and meetings.

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Frequently asked questions

How does hot desking work?

Use a hot desk-enabled phone by dialing *43 and entering your roaming profile username and password. Once you are finished and ready to leave the office, you hit the logout button on the phone and it reboots to its previous state.

What can a hot desk phone access?

The hot desk phone will access your Caller ID to make outbound calls, store voicemails, and receive your extension's incoming calls. You will also be able to get your personally programmed speed dials. Directories also remain intact.

What are some examples where it makes sense to use the hot desk feature?

A good use case is if you are an auditor, an employee visiting from a different location, or your company uses a shared-desk plan.

What are the main benefits of hot desking?

Team members get the convenience of working from any desk, office, or building. Your company saves money, economizes workspace, and establishes rotating schedules.

Who can use hot desking?

Anyone in your company who has a roaming profile username and password can use the hot desking feature.

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