Mobile meetings give you the freedom to work from anywhere.

Your cell phone is your new corner office

The modern workforce isn’t tied to a desk

GoTo Meeting’s award-winning mobile video conferencing software optimizes audio and video quality, so you don’t miss anything. This mobile meeting conferencing app gives your team the power to take work on the road.

Work from anywhere. Emphasis on the anywhere.

To keep up with remote and hybrid workforces, mobile conference calls are becoming more popular. Anyone can join a GoTo Meeting mobile meeting for free and subscribers can host unlimited mobile meetings.

Our app gives you the accessibility & reliability you need with features like:

  • Automatic bandwidth adjustment
  • Meeting reminder alerts
  • Optional toll-free numbers
  • Business messaging

Software built to keep you safe

Commuter mode is a simplified user experience for cell phone conference calls that offers you:

  • Distraction-free conferencing – turn your mobile screen into a color-coded audio/mute button.
  • Data savings – disable video and screen sharing to save up to 90% on mobile data usage per meeting.
  • Reduced bandwidth – even on an unreliable mobile network, you can count on crystal-clear audio quality.

All the features you want

  • Integrations

    Seamless integrations with top applications like Slack, Outlook, Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams.
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  • Combined video and screen sharing

    View the webcam gallery plus a shared presentation or application on the  same screen.
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  • Customer support

    Extensive 24/7 customer support and trainings, video libraries, guides, etc.
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  • Secure by design

    Keep your video communications safe with security features like risk-based authentication.
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  • Cloud recording

    Access and share meeting recordings at any time, from any device with cloud recording.
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  • Custom backgrounds

    Customize your webcam background so you can truly work from "anywhere".

GoTo Suite has all of your business needs

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    GoTo Meeting for fast, reliable, and secure video

    • 80+ million annual online meetings
    • 99.999% service uptime
    • Top rated mobile app

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  • GoTo Connect logo

    GoTo Connect for calls, meetings, and messaging

    • Flexible cloud-based phone system
    • Video conferencing
    • Support center capabilities

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    GoTo Room for video conferencing equipment

    • Industry-leading audio/hardware provider
    • Simple and quick installation
    • Seamless integrations

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    GoTo Webinar for live and pre-recorded webinars

    • Easy event management and setup
    • Webinar templates provided
    • Automated email reminders

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To join a meeting from an iOS device:

  1. Ensure you have downloaded the GoTo Meeting app from the App Store.
  2. Join a session by doing any of the following:
    • Tap the Join URL option from your email or message app
    • After opening the app, tap Join a Meeting, enter your session ID and hit Join
    • Open the app and select the session on the Join a Meeting screen (if the app is connected to your calendar)

To join a meeting from an Android device:

  1. Install the GoTo Meeting app.
  2. Join a session in any of these ways:
    • Tap the Join URL of the desired session from your messages or email
    • After opening the app, input the session ID or personal meeting page name and hit Go or the arrow icon
    • Open the GoTo Meeting app and tap the meeting listed from your calendar app

Yes, It’s simple to schedule meetings from the GoTo Meeting app. Tap the Schedule a Meeting button. From there, you can choose whether to set it as a recurring meeting, choose audio settings and edit phone numbers. You can also easily send attendees an invite to join a call, or you can edit the meeting.

Some of the key benefits of mobile conferencing include:

  • On-the-go collaboration
  • Lowered costs due to the ability to connect remotely
  • Accelerated productivity
  • Enhanced communication

Many features are the same across iOS, Android and Windows phones. There are some slight differences, however. On Windows phones, you can be promoted to a co-organizer, mute or unmute attendees or dismiss attendees from a session. On iOS, you can share your screen or your camera. For a more in-depth feature comparison, click here.

Work from anywhere with mobile meetings

Try GoTo Meeting, the virtual meeting platform for online collaboration.