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Be more productive with video conferencing features built for remote work.

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Run the perfect video meeting

GoToMeeting’s powerful virtual meeting features make it easy to plan, host, and learn from more productive meetings.

Before your meeting

Get started with meeting tools that make launching and joining meetings easy.  

  • Business messaging 
    Communicate anytime with integrated chat. Start or join meetings in a single click – right from your current conversation.  
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  • Your personal online meeting room 
    Create a custom meeting link that makes it easy to invite attendees to your own personal meeting room, reserved just for you.
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  • Call Me
    Let GoToMeeting call your phone when it’s time for a meeting to start.   
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  • Join from your phone 
    Participants can dial in to the meeting from their phone for added flexibility on-the-go. Toll-free in over 50 countries.  
  • Webcam preview
    Test and preview your webcam before entering a meeting to check your connection and video. 

During your meeting

Share, collaborate and come up with new ideas with in real-time with these GoToMeeting features.

  • Screen sharing 
    Easily share your desktop, smartphone or tablet screen with everyone. Present, collaborate and keep everyone on the same page.  
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  • Meeting drawing tools  
    Draw on your screen to collaborate, brainstorm or present in real-time.
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  • Commuter Mode for mobile meetings
    Call in with a distraction-free environment while on the go. Commuter mode turns your entire phone screen into a color-coded audio/mute button that uses up to 90% less bandwidth. 
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  • Custom backgrounds 
    Customize your webcam background and truly work from “anywhere.”   
  • Presenter control 
    Give meeting guests presenter control so they can share their screen and help run the meeting. You can even share control of your keyboard or mouse.

After your meeting

See what went well in your meeting and find action items or key takeaways.    

  • Meeting transcriptions
    Easily share automatic transcripts of your recorded meetings or look back for important notes and action items.  
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  • Cloud recording
    Record your meetings locally or in the cloud and share or revisit them later. 
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  • Meeting diagnostic reports 
    View stats and analysis of meeting performance on an individual level, for quick troubleshooting.  

Smart Meeting Assistant

Say goodbye to note taking: Smart Meeting Assistant automatically transcribes meetings, marks meeting highlights and pinpoints action items. Automatically capture multiple sets of presentation slides & place them in chronological order within a shareable PDF.


Integrate with your favorite tools

Integrate GoToMeeting with apps you already use in your workflow. Launch meetings directly from Slack, Outlook, Chrome or Salesforce for a smoother, more convenient meeting experience.


Looking for more than just meetings?
GoToConnect has calls, meetings, messages, and a
cloud phone system.

Safe, secure, worry-free meetings

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    Secure content sharing

    Screen-sharing data, keyboard/mouse control data, and text chat information are TSL-encrypted in transit and AES 256-bit encrypted at rest.
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    Encrypted video

    We use an SRTP with AES-128-HMAC-SHA1-based protocol to encrypt video and keep your meetings confidential and safe.
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    Encrypted audio

    SRTP with AES-128-HMAC-SHA1 based protocol over both UDP and TCP protects the privacy and integrity of your audio data.
  • Meeting lock

    Lock your meeting after it starts and approve any additional guests before they can join.
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    Passcode-protected meetings

    Require a passcode so only those you’ve invited can join your meetings.
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    Participant removal

    See someone you don’t recognize? Remove them from the meeting with one click.

Get started with a more productive meeting experience