Get access to aggregate call center data to uncover patterns in customer interactions.

Get access to aggregate call center data to uncover patterns in customer interactions.

What is Call Center Analytics?

With an incredible call volume, a growing number of call center agents, and thousands of customer calls, your business has now entered the world of big data. More companies face rising amounts of information with no clear way to organize, manage, and optimize the value of that unstructured data. Enter data analytics.

Call center analytics is a type of desktop analytics that assesses data from all customer interactions to identify call patterns by day of the week, time, length, location, and issue. Data collected from inbound calls and outbound calls, including speech analytics and text analytics, provides increased visibility into call traffic.

The self-service software is part of our GoToConnect package and uses predictive analytics to help you make better decisions about customer satisfaction and your current service level. You'll be able to determine how to better align staffing, resources, and training with the call center analytics results.


The Advantages of Call Center Analytics

Beyond traditional call logs, contact center analytics solutions provide a deep dive into your existing customer data for measurable insights and more effective business decision making throughout the customer journey.

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    No Additional Costs

    The call center analytics package is part of your GoToConnect account, helping you address all aspects of your call center operations. That means you don't have to invest any more money to leverage this powerful data analytics software.

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    Comprehensive and Customizable Data Insights

    You get micro and macro analysis of all your data, including unique geographic-based insights about call types and activity patterns. This comprehensive information includes details about each inbound and outbound call.

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    User-Friendly Functionality

    The call center analytics platform has been developed with users in mind. It requires minimal training to understand how to read the analytics reports. The dashboard view walks each user through the available charts, logs, and reports detailing all of your calls.

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    Highly Deployable and Scalable

    Like the rest of our call center solutions, the analytics tools are easy to deploy across your organization. It can grow with you as you scale up your operations and add more call centers and agents.

Why Choose GoToConnect?

GoToConnect makes it easy to continually improve your customer experiences with a wide range of call center software all within a single platform.


Call Analytics

Call analytics include the number of calls from each extension, minutes for each incoming and outgoing call, the day of the week, and time stamps. The map component provides a way to customize your data analysis to see the state, county, and even city where each call is coming from or going to. Using our cross-channel analytics, you'll see the busiest time of the week and day so you can allocate staff to service those periods more effectively.


Call Logs

We don't do simple call logs. Instead, you get a thorough view of call log data, including dates, times, duration, users, extensions dialed, and final actions from every extension in your operation. Having this in-depth information can help agents understand how they are meeting expectations and where they can improve.


Call History

Access call history directly from the desktop or via the reports tab in the user portal. Each handset offers a history of calls made, received, and missed. You'll also get details about what calls were made, how long they lasted, and which extensions were used. There are reports for toll-free and long-distance usage as well as geo-specific data that explains the location of incoming calls based on country and state.


Report Caller Hold Time

This convenient call center service feature tells each agent how long a caller has been on hold before they pick up the call. Having this information may provide advance insight into the customer's potential frustration so the agent can be better prepared to handle each caller's mood. For example, if the agent sees the caller has been waiting a long time, the agent may decide to start the interaction with an apology to minimize the caller's frustration.


Other Features

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    Missed Call Indicator

    Get a blinking green light whenever you miss an incoming call.

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    Missed Message Indicator

    Receive a signal in the portal and on the phone indicating a new voicemail message.

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    Call Monitor

    Monitor a current call on any extension or line without interruption.

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    Call Recording

    Record some or all of the calls and store recordings in the cloud.

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    Call Transfers

    Transfer a call to the appropriate person without losing the caller.

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    Call Waiting

    View an incoming call while on an active call.

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End-users can access call logs pertaining to their individual extensions only. Administrators can access all individual and company-wide call logs and analytics.

Call logs are stored and available for the past 90 days but may be downloaded as a .CSV file to view at a later time.

These call recording options can be selected online through the user portal. However, recording cannot be “turned on” mid-call. Instead, it must be selected before the call takes place.

By default, call recording is only available to administrators. However, any user, or group of users, can receive recording permission from an administrator.

Recorded calls are stored in the cloud. Currently, this requires that an Amazon S3 account (cloud-based storage) is configured. There is minimal charge from Amazon S3 for maintaining a storage account; 1 Gig typically stores about 5,000 minutes of recorded calls. Jive will automatically create storage folders for each year, with first and second-level folders for each month and day, respectively. Recorded calls will be available no later than the start of the next business day and can be accessed directly through your Amazon S3 account portal or through the S3 Browser. Alternatively, some Jive-Supported VoIP handsets have a local recording option. This allows for a call to be recorded directly from the phone to a USB thumb drive connected directly to a port on the phone. These files are saved as .WAV files.

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