Success Story: University of Advancing Technology

Given their most recent experience with a phone system that came up short, UAT was ready to look for an innovative, outside-of-the-box solution. Being an educational institution, they also needed the ability to modify configurations and change schedules quickly, so as to better enable student-staff communications. GoTo Connect, formerly Jive, was quickly selected, and once it was deployed, UAT could enjoy administrative simplicity, call recording, and much more.

The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is an elite, private technology university located in Tempe, Arizona. Established in 1983, UAT integrates technological principles into all curricula and allows students to specialize in the most exciting tech fields the 21st century has to offer. UAT is a unique environment that fosters the brilliant and innovative technophiles of tomorrow.

“With our last provider, we needed high-level IT professionals just to rearrange our call-flow. But with GoTo Connect, I was able to create my own conference line in 5 minutes ...”


-Jason Pistillo

CEO, University of Advancing Technology

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