Integrate your GoTo Connect phone system with Slack. Manage voicemail, click to call, log in and out of call queues, see which agents are servicing specific queues, and create queue groups for bulk actions.

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  • Collaboration

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GoTo Connect offers an easy to use Slack integration letting users access the most commonly used voice features directly from their Slack application.

The Slack bot requires a current paid GoTo Connect account.


Get notified of new voicemails in Slack, listen or delete them or call them back.

SMS Text Messaging
(Available in North America Only)

Use the SMS command to bring up the window prompting for any missing information.

Or, provide all the information in the SMS command line and avoid the prompt.

Get a confirmation message in Slack for every SMS text sent.

Receive SMS notifications in Slack:

Call Queues

GoTo Connect’s Slack integration makes it easy for customer-facing teams to never miss a call.

  • Log in and out of call queues within Slack.
  • See which agents are servicing a specific queue.
  • The ‘take a break’ feature automatically logs users out of all queues and back in once they return.
  • Multiple queues can be added to a group and bulk actions performed on it.

How To Install

To install GoTo Connect’s Slack bot, you must have permissions on your Slack workspace (usually a Workspace Admin).

  1. Click here to install the GoTo Connect bot to your workspace.
  2. To activate the bot and Google Dialogflow functionality, click Allow twice in the authorization screens. (If you are using multiple workspaces, you can select it from the dropdown menu in the top-right corner).
  3. Click + in Direct Messages.
  4. Search for goto connect.
  5. Click GoTo Connect bot and then click Go.
  6. Enter /gtc link to connect Slack and GoToConnect.
  7. Click Connect GoTo Connect Account.
  8. In the integration dashboard window, click Link Accounts in GoTo Connect Bot. When linking for the first time on your workspace, a new window might pop up, click Allow.
  9. In the conversation with the slack bot, enter /gtc configure.
  10. Choose your line/device and voicemail notification preferences.
  11. Click Save.