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Enhance the Customer Call Experience with Phone Number Extension Features

Add services like unlimited extensions, dial by extension, and speed dial to quickly connect callers.

What is a Phone Extension?

An extension is a three to six-digit number identifying a specific call path configuration that allows you to dial and connect to another caller internally. This is not a DID phone number but rather an internal extension. Outside callers can directly reach you by dialing your organization's main phone number followed by the intended party's extension.

The phone number extension is one of many convenient features offered as part of our VoIP service platform for small businesses and enterprises. Phone extensions can be used in a number of ways in your business to support your call center or contact center objectives for excellent customer experiences.

Our phone number extension features let you have unlimited extensions for your business telephone number and company phone system. You have the option of choosing extensions, including the number of digits in the extensions. Callers can also dial directly by extension or use the speed dial feature.


Advantages of Phone Number Extensions

Traditional landlines can't offer the convenience and superior experience delivered by a VoIP system and its phone number extension feature.

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    Multiple connection options

    Whether it's a business landline at a call center or an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can use the phone number extension to connect your team with customers or employees.

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    More accessibility

    Customers are able to reach their intended point of contact much faster than having to use a directory menu, waiting for a receptionist, or getting stuck with voicemail.

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    Made for remote teams

    Even though companies use remote teams, they may not want their customers to know how their staff is deployed around the world, so the phone number extension seamlessly connects everyone through a main number and then transfers them to local numbers.

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    Value-added service

    Rather than paying extra for these convenient features, phone number extensions are included in our VoIP service platform, giving you a wealth of tools to enhance customer and employee relationships.

Why Choose GoToConnect?

GoToConnect offers a comprehensive VoIP platform solution for businesses of all sizes, providing multiple ways to improve communication, satisfy customer expectations, and leverage the latest unified communications technology.
  • Reliability

    At a rate of 99.99%, GoToConnect ensures companies have the uptime they need to maintain accessibility for their customers and employees no matter where in the world they may be calling from.
  • Versatility

    Not every company has the same communication needs and goals, so GoToConnect offers an expansive range of features as well as the ability to customize and integrate other software.
  • Performance

    A company needs technology and software that will grow and evolve with them as they expand their operations, so GoToConnect effectively offers the scalability for startups, small businesses, and enterprises.


Dial By Extension

Dial by Extension allows a caller to dial an extension directly rather than dial the full phone number or contact the receptionist. This feature lets you reach your party faster. Customers can also exit an auto-attendant by dialing their party's extension at any time.

For example, you can use this feature to dial your party's extension straight from your handset regardless of location.


Unlimited Extensions

Unlimited extensions are included in the price. This means you can have several different extensions ring the same landline or mobile phone or you can add extra extensions for conference rooms. Each extension comes with a voicemail box and Find Me/Follow Me settings. You can choose an extension to call a ring group that includes all available agents in a certain department so that the caller is sure to speak to someone rather than be sent to voicemail.

Unlimited extensions can be used in many ways. You can set up extensions for each employee even if two employees share the same desk phone. Or, you can have a general extension for different departments like Sales or Billing.


Speed Dial

Speed dial options can be set up on any phone on our system. You can configure your speed dial options for quicker calling on your desk phone or with your click-to-call desktop interface, softphone, or mobile app. Speed dial settings are unique to a specific device.

For example, speed dial is often the easiest way to quickly connect with people and extensions you dial frequently. Once you set up this feature, you can dial by one button to get connected faster.


Other Features

  • Call Transfer

    Transfer a call from your line to the appropriate person without losing the caller.

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  • Dial by Name

    Find an employee's extension using the dial-by-name directory.

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    Local Directory

    Enjoy support for a local (personal) directory and a corporate directory.

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  • Call Forwarding

    Forward your extension to any cell phone, landline, or co-worker.

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  • Call Waiting

    See when a second call is coming in while on an active call.

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  • Call On Hold

    Place a caller on hold while you transfer them or find an answer.

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No. Neither employees nor customers have to wait to be prompted by an auto-attendant before dialing their party's extension.

As long as your IP handset is configured with our system, employees can use extension dialing regardless of location. There is no need for area code, star code, etc. You can also use extension dialing directly from your handheld device no matter where you are located.

Yes, you can choose the number of digits in your extension because our hosted VoIP solution supports three, four, five, or six-digit dialing across all system endpoints regardless of geographic location. For example, you can dial your boss by extension on your phone or app even if you are in a different country.

Yes, users can directly dial extensions internally as long as the device you’re using is set up on the system.

There are a few ways you can set up an extension to ring more than one phone. Users can configure their Find Me/Follow Me feature in the end-user portal. Administrators also have the option to configure this in a ring group by accessing the administrator portal.

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