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Drive Your Business into High Gear

GoTo will drive growth for your dealership. Enable simple trackable communications between your employees and your customers, no matter where they are.
Success Stories

See why our customers choose GoTo

Faster decision making at a time and cost savings

"GoToWebinar saves time, money, and did I say time and money? Love it, can discuss things get it over and go on with the day. Decisions are made faster and more effective!"
Debra Smith
Sunbelt Ford
Powering flexible, on-the-go connectivity

"GoToConnect powered by Jive did a great job at what we need (forwarding calls from virtual phone number to individual's cell phones)."
Robert Peed
Michelin Tire NA
Reliability when needed the most

"I like that when I go to use this it actually works. When you work at a busy location and try to connect or use software that doesn't load or work properly it gets frustrating. I don't have that problem with GoToMeeting... Ever. That is important."
Angie Anderson-Lane,
Marketing Manager,
Classic Motor Sports

GoTo for all your rooftops

  • Mobile Apps

    Customers can always reach you at the same number, whether you're at the dealership, out on the lot, or at home.

  • Dynamic Call Routing

    Get your customers to the right person faster using ring groups, call queues, and call forwarding.

  • Seamless Call Park and Paging

    Modernize your paging system! Play promotions while your customers wait. Page handset to handset or overhead, delivering the right message to the right person every time.

  • Virtual Trainings

    Host streamlined trainings and share corporate communications across all your rooftops.

Integrated with the tools you're using

GoToConnect integrates with more automotive systems than any other business phone system in the market.

  • DealerSocket
  • Momentum
  • Purple Cloud
  • VIN Solutions
  • E-Leads

Deliver a personalized buying experience

Make sure your customers can reach you when they need you. 

  • Route your calls from your desk phone to any other number.
  • Keep track of all customer engagements at your dealership through support center.
  • Customer communications are saved in the system for easy review or agent handoff.
  • Send pictures, documents, or share live video with any potential customer.

Boost customer loyalty

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your BDC with GoToConnect Support Center.

  • Monitor customer communications across all your dealerships.
  • Track the value of the connections being made by phone, email or text.
  • Decrease customer wait-times.

Keep your business running no matter what

  • Administration and finance can keep business going despite being remote.
  • Sales staff can be productive no matter where they are with our call-routing and mobile apps.
  • IT can maintain the infrastructure from anywhere - whether they're onboarding or managing the day-to-day.

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