Case Study: Unbounce


Marketing to other marketers. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Truthfully, the pros doing just that at Unbounce, which builds landing pages for digital marketers, say it's not as easy as it sounds. In their arena, disparate products mean niche markets, which means a unique challenge for marketers. 

But how to address them? For Unbounce, it's all about webinars. Read the full case study to discover how Unbounce is using GoTo Webinar for demos, trainings, presentations, and more!

Unbounce has pushed landing pages into the mainstream by empowering marketers to quickly build, publish and A/B test without IT bottlenecks. Today, Unbounce continues to help businesses create better marketing experiences by improving what is already the world’s fastest and most customizable landing page builder.

“Webinar marketing works, and if you do it well you’ll find success. GoToWebinar is one of the top tools you can rely on to get you there.”


-Stefanie Grieser

International Marketing Manager

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