Success Story: Ultimate Kronos Group

GOTO0225_PMM_GoTo_UKG_Case_Study_and_Banners_1500x900-png Millions of people use UKG products day in and day out. So, it is essential that UKG has the latest and greatest technology that they can rely on to create a great customer experience. Before, UKG was using a combination of remote desktop to service customers, VPN (Virtual Private Network) and key fobs for basic security and they found that they needed to scale their security while supporting thousands of customers with a single solution. UKG looked to GoToAssist, not only because they would have one single tool to manage for their many customers but also because GoTo is a third-party vendor that expertly manages all aspects of security, ensuring that all standards and protocols are being met. UKG is reaping the benefits of the GoToAssist solution. It has helped them maintain a hands-on level of connection with customers during the pandemic, improve customer satisfaction, and increase the efficiency of their work.
UKG was formed when Kronos, a workforce management solution, and Ultimate Software, a human capital management solution, merged to build a company unlike anything out there – a company that is squarely focused on people and readying organizations to empower their employees. UKG offers powerful human capital management and workforce management solutions to help manage and engage your entire workforce and employee journey.

“With an average of 400-600 sessions a day, with 50+ agents on the support desk all using GoToAssist, it has become so entrenched in what we do. It is part of the fundamental things that we do for business. It’s frictionless because we’re used to using it, and our customers are using it, which strengthens the reliability of the product.”


-Paul Ducharme

Senior Director, Support & Operations, UKG

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