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Leverage conference bridge for simplified, effective conferencing and 3-way calling.

Get the most out of advanced conferencing tools without adding any telephone hardware.

What is Conference Bridge?

The conference bridge feature is part of the GoToConnect VoIP and PBX solution and offers a way to add more efficiency to the conference calling process. As a virtual meeting room, your business phone system brings together those team members in a conference room as well as participants who can dial in using a conference phone number.

Conferencing services include phone calls and video conferencing. A phone call or video conference can also be recorded using the conference bridge feature.


Advantages of Conference Bridge

A traditional business phone system may offer some conference calling functionality, but it doesn't work with today's modern workforce.

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    No additional costs

    To use the conference bridge feature, you don't need to purchase any extra equipment or upgrades. Instead, these features are included in the GoToConnect VoIP and PBX solution.

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    The conference bridge feature offers many tools, including three-way calling, visual conferencing, and conference call recording. It allows for up to 20 attendees so you can host calls for a significant part of your remote team across conference calling systems.

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    The conference bridge system enables the participants' dial capability from landlines, a VoIP phone, or even an iPhone or Android device, helping remote workers use the communication tools available to them.

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    GoToConnect's conference call services are a cost-effective way to communicate with your team. It’s a free conference option that works around the world.

Why Choose GoToConnect?

  • Investment Return

    You get a good return on your investment while satisfying your business needs by communicating with increasingly scattered teams.
  • Reliability

    You can count on a VoIP and PBX with proven 99.99% reliability, which gives you the communication channels you need to keep projects moving.
  • Advanced Technology

    You can enjoy the most recent technology features available without having to decide if you should invest in them or not because they're automatically included in your VoIP service.


Conference Bridge

The conference bridge feature lets you host a conference call with up to twenty attendees. You can schedule the attendees or they can join without a reservation. The conference bridge feature also allows you to record the conference call.

When meeting with members of your remote team, conference bridges optimize resources and reduce the inefficiency of travel or separate calls.


3-Way Conference Call

The 3-way call feature lets you meet with two different parties simultaneously. You select the conference button while on a call and dial the local or long-distance number of the third party you wish to invite using a second line. Warm or blind transfers are also available while using this conference call feature.

To increase team collaboration, you can use the dial-in conference calling tool for up to 20 participants per active call, depending on the device used.


Visual Conferencing

Visual conferencing makes conference calls easy and effective. You can visualize all call participants and enjoy a wide range of advanced conferencing tools without investing further in additional hardware. Instead, you can leverage existing communications hardware to invite participants with a simple link.

Visual conferencing systems use the standard audio bridge provided by existing phones. You can also choose to access it through your online admin portal. The feature helps you hold focused conference calls by letting you dial and invite participants directly to the call. You'll know who's on the call, who's talking, and you can mute or remove participants.


Other Features

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    Call Whisper

    Listen in and speak to an agent during a live call without the customer hearing your conversation.

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    Call Spy

    Enter an existing conversation silently without interrupting and without notice.

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  • Call Transfer

    Transfer a call to the appropriate person without losing the caller.

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  • Call Waiting

    See when a second call is coming in while on an active call.

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    Call Routing

    Get your call connected to the correct endpoint.

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  • Call Forwarding

    Forward your extension to any cell phone, landline, or co-worker.

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Yes, all parties will be notified when a member enters or leaves a call.

Up to 20 people can be hosted on a conference call.

Yes, if you are moving between calls, simply merge the call from your handset to create a three-way conference call.

Yes, this is referred to as "whisper mode" and is part of our eavesdrop feature set.

No, the quality remains the same after you merge calls.

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