Let Us Call You For Your Next Meeting! - GotoMeeting


Audio quality makes or breaks an online meeting – you know it, I know it, we all know it. So our product and engineering team is consistently working to drive an improved audio experience for all of our users, and even more importantly, the people joining their meeting.

That’s why GoToMeeting offers a variety of audio options for conference calls and online meetings, including VoIP audio, global conference numbers, and even toll-free numbers through OpenVoice Integrated. On that note, we wanted to share with you a feature that many of our customers love that comes with OpenVoice Integrated, called Call Me. With Call Me enabled, anyone can be dialed into your meeting without actually having to dial in. They can just enter their phone number into the field, and they’ll receive a call from GoToMeeting. One tap of the “#” key and they’re on the call with everyone else.

Check out this video to see how it works:


With Call Me, joining a conference call has never been easier.

Call Me is now available for all our users in the US and Canada, as well a growing number of countries around the world including the UK, France, Germany, India, and more. To enable Call Me on your account, you’ve got to be up and running using Open Voice Integrated audio. Follow this link to learn more and get started!