Introducing GoTo Resolve for Managed Service Providers

Offer your clients frictionless, secure support – the easy and affordable way – with GoTo Resolve’s all-in-one remote IT management software.

Scale your business. Securely support your customers.

Our unified, secure IT support platform lets Managed Service Providers remotely monitor and manage clients’ IT assets to solve problems quickly and easily – without the hefty price tag and outdated interfaces of traditional RMM software. With setup that takes minutes, not days, GoTo Resolve can quickly help you exceed client expectations with tools to:

  • Provide truly proactive support with features like smart, critical system alerts and customizable patch management.
  • Offer multi-platform support to all devices including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks.
  • Troubleshoot without interruption by capturing system diagnostics and running a live terminal – all behind the scenes.
  • Complete fixes when it’s convenient for everyone using secure unattended remote support sessions.
  • Extend support past the desktop with no-download camera sharing so agents can troubleshoot disconnected devices and hardware.
Managed service provider using GoTo Resolve for MSPs, a remote IT support software.

Manage everything. Solve anything. GoTo Resolve’s secure IT infrastructure makes more possible.

Keep everyone up and running – without the added security risks of other RMMs – with advanced features designed to help Managed Service Providers work smarter, not harder.

GoTo Resolve removes headaches and overhead, and helps maximize your resources. Stay ahead of problems, troubleshoot behind the scenes, and be a multi-tasking magician with features like background access, IT automation, proactive alerting, agent collaboration, and multisession handling.

RMM software with background access, IT automation, proactive alerting, agent collaboration, and multi-session handling.

Delight your customers with a frictionless support experience that covers every device. GoTo Resolve allows agents to solve issues quickly, the first time, with device agnostic support capabilities and “right fit” support tools: from zero-download remote view to powerful remote control to extensible task automation.

GoTo Resolve's RMM software with zero-download remote view, remote control, and task automation.

GoTo Resolve for MSPs includes valuable time-saving features like multi-tenancy architecture to simplify how you organize, configure, and bill your customers. PSA integrations streamline user syncing and customizable reporting so you can spend more time on client success and less time on account administration.

GoTo Resolve for MSPs reporting console with PSA integration.

Stop working in outdated, overblown tools, built for yesterday’s problems and workflows. GoTo Resolve’s interface is architected to deliver a truly agent-first experience, resulting in less searching and more solving, every single day.

GoTo Resolve for MSPs user-friendly interface.

Ready to offer your clients more?

Let us show you what GoTo Resolve for MSPs can do:

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GoTo Resolve for Managed Service Providers lets you offer seamless, secure support for your clients – at an accessible price. Get started today.

GoTo Resolve makes more possible for MSPs

Advanced features and capabilities make more possible for remote IT technicians.

  • Zero Trust Security

    Go beyond the basic requirements with technology built with a security-first mindset and zero trust architecture that locks out malicious actors.
    Learn More >
  • IT Automation

    Free up your helpdesk for more valuable and rewarding work by automating routine, mundane tasks like software installation and updates.
    Learn More >
  • Unattended Access

    Work on any machine, even without the end user present. Remote unattended access helps keep everyone up and running.
    Learn More >
  • Background Access

    Get more done without disrupting work. Fix problems or execute maintenance tasks, without interrupting the current user’s workflow.
    Learn More >
  • Remote Support

    Now, businesses big and small can seamlessly solve just about any tech issue – from anywhere – with GoTo’s flexible, secure remote support software.
    Learn More >
  • Mobile Device Support

    Provide fast, frictionless remote technical support for virtually any mobile device running iOS, Android, or Chrome OS.
    Learn More >
  • Agent Collaboration

    Don’t leave customers on hold while agents hunt down answers. Bring senior problem solvers into a session or seamlessly hand off calls for expert assistance.
    Learn More >
  • Conversational Ticketing

    Modernize your IT help desk by bringing the support request process onto the messaging platforms your teams are already using, like MS Teams.
    Learn More >
  • MSP Help Desk Reporting

    Dig into the details of support activity: From remote session data to ticketing metrics – see how your service measures up.
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GoTo Resolve at-a-glance

Simplify problem-solving for both IT and employees. Receive requests, triage problems, and fix issues fast.

Explore GoTo Resolve >
  • Streamline support and respond, act, and resolve issues – all in one place.

    Streamline support

    Respond, act, and resolve issues – all in one place. Now getting help is as easy as having a conversation.
  • Maximize productivity with time-optimizing features like unattended access.

    Maximize productivity

    Time-optimizing features like unattended access and multi-session handling let agents and employees get more done.
  • Make secure I-T simple and keep systems safe while business stays up and running.

    Make secure IT simple

    With enterprise-grade security and consumer-grade ease of use, systems stay safe while business stays up and running.

See what GoTo Resolve can do for Managed Service Providers

Make support simpler for everyone with advanced, secure, unified remote IT management.