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Create a simpler help desk for everyone, from ticket creation to problem resolution.

With GoTo Resolve, agents and end users can come together in a single, modern, flexible help desk tool. Now, ticket submission can be as simple as sending a message in Microsoft Teams, and checking the status of any tickets – from IT to HR – can happen in one intuitive portal.

Agents can work smarter and faster too, using a centralized view of their tickets – from practically any device, and any location.

Woman submitting a ticket from her phone.

GoTo Resolve’s help desk software lets you:

Provide flexibility for IT agents and end users

Give help desk agents and end users options to seek and offer help quickly and more effectively. GoTo Resolve’s flexible help desk ticketing offers multiple ways of working to suit what’s best for your teams, including:  

  • Conversational ticketing (via Microsoft Teams integration). 
  • Traditional ticketing through email or end user portal. 
  • Multiple connection methods for agents (browser, mobile app, desktop app).
  • A central place for both agents and end users to see and manage their tickets. 
Examples of ticketing options with GoTo Resolve

GoTo Resolve is more than just help desk software

Learn more about GoTo Resolve features like:

  • Remote Monitoring & Management

    Reduce the risk of cyber threats, automate routine IT tasks, and gain better visibility and control over your endpoints.
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  • Remote Support

    Support employees and customers and seamlessly solve just about any tech issue – from anywhere – with flexible, fast, and secure remote support capabilities.
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  • Remote Access

    Connect to your remote devices as if they were right in front of you – on or off your network, from any location.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, the role of the helpdesk is to make sure employees or customers can easily get support for any relevant issue.

IT support is just one area that a help desk can provide support around -- companies will often also have multiple help desks for anything from HR to finance. Additionally, not all IT support comes through the help desk, but they are often the first point of contact when a customer or employee has an IT issue. 

Ticketing is not just for IT teams. You can use ticketing for any department that provides support, like HR or Finance. Keep helpdesks separate with different helpdesk services

Helpdesk ticketing systems are a type of software that help agents collaborate on issues and track them in one consolidated view. They generally have reporting and automation capabilities to help teams run more efficiently. 

GoTo Resolve's IT ticketing process can be customized to fit the unique needs of your organization.

  • Customize the way end users submit tickets, via conversational ticketing, a helpdesk email, or an end user portal.
  • From there, assign the tickets as they come in to an agent, set a due date, priority level, etc.
  • Agents can get a consolidated view of tickets and organize them with custom fields. They can also start remote support sessions directly from the ticket and collaborate with other agents via comments as well as attach any files.
  • Finally, get insights on helpdesk performance with easy to build reports.

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