Success Story: GoTo Connect PBX Phone System Unlocks Seamless Remote Communications for Global Software Firm


DALIM SOFTWARE needed to find a replacement for its cloud PBX phone system, to facilitate easy, secure communication between its global employees and customers. Having used GoTo Meeting and GoTo Webinar from GoTo for a number of years, the company arranged a trial of the GoTo Connect phone and meeting platform.

The cloud-based system offered precisely the simplicity, security and reliability DALIM SOFTWARE needed. It empowered the company to seamlessly connect its employees working remotely in many different locations, enabling them to make and receive calls on any desk or mobile phone. LogMeIn technical specialists were able to develop a smart work-around to overcome the limitations of an existing phone contract, and even replaced all the company’s old desk phones – saving considerable costs in hardware upgrades.

Vincent Demange, Chief Information Officer at DALIM SOFTWARE, says: “GoTo Connect is extremely secure and has enabled us to save considerable time in managing our phone calls and online communications. It gives us access to many more functions than we’ve ever had before, and it’s completely reliable. It enables us all to work and communicate easily and effectively from anywhere.”

Click the image below to read the full story about how GoTo Connect, combined with GoTo Meeting and GoTo Webinar, has given DALIM SOFTWARE a complete online communications system for calling, video conferencing and event hosting – uniting its remote workforce and providing exceptional service levels to its customers.