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The needs of the modern workforce grow more complex by the day, and the global pandemic is compounding this complexity by forcing employees to work from anywhere and everywhere. This is having a present and lasting impact on how we work, as emergency work-from-home arrangements are evolving into new work-from-anywhere hybrid models.

IT decision-makers have taken notice and are evolving the way they think about their tech stack, including how they deploy their communication and collaboration tools.

Work-from-anywhere hybrid models offer up great rewards for both employees and employers. A recent study by Forrester, commissioned by LogMeIn, shows employers point to increased productivity (79%), increased IT efficiency (69%) and increased compliance (58%) as benefits, while employees say they’re happier (62%), have a greater ability to avoid burnout (75%) and are more capable of getting their done in an 8-hour day (61%).

However, realizing these benefits does not come without its challenges, and deploying the right technology to support a new work-from-anywhere model is one significant challenge employers face. Many organizations like to build out their tech stack using a ‘best of breed’ approach. IT decision makers marry vendors and their products together, to offer a total unified communications platform.

This is quite evident with Microsoft customers. Microsoft are behemoths of collaboration technology, with more than four in five (82%) of organizations using Microsoft unified communication tools like Microsoft Teams. However, over half these customers deploy a second vendor for their ‘Calls’ or ‘Virtual Phone System’ requirements. This creates a disjointed user experience and may limit access to ‘Calls’ or ‘Phones’ while Microsoft Teams users are away from the office.

GoTo Connect announce Microsoft Teams integrations for ‘Calls’ or ‘Phone Systems’

The rapidly growing GoTo Connect (awarded ‘Challenger’ status in Gartner’s UCaaS Maqic Quadrant for 2020) has just launched its brand new integrations with Microsoft Teams to help IT decision makers who follow a ‘best of breed’ strategy.

These integrations allow Microsoft Teams users to make ‘Calls’ or access their ‘VoIP Phone System’ from inside their Microsoft Teams user interface. This access is available on their laptop, desktop or mobile device. Essentially users can make or receive telephone calls, through Microsoft Teams from anywhere – in the office, at home, or wherever they find themselves at work.

Experience the benefits of Microsoft Teams and GoToConnect working hand-in-hand.

Deploying a Microsoft Teams and GoTo Connect integration gives immediate benefits to organizations:

  • Improved availability and reliability. With a successful track record in uptime, GoTo Connect offers a 99.99% SLA. It's painful when glitches get in the way of work. How painful? An Aberdeen analysis calculated the cost of system outages at even the smallest businesses at $8,600 per hour!
  • Reduced Costs. Utilizing the GoTo Connect integrations with Microsoft Teams offers a unified communications solution at a lower price per user per month. And not only is there savings on subscriptions, but users will also have a reduced requirement to use their more costly cell phones while away from the office because domestic and international minutes are included.
  • Live your cloud first strategy. Cloud deployments offer significant benefits to companies in the area of support, maintenance, capability, resilience and internal IT resources. With Microsoft Teams and GoTo Connect you’ll have a full cloud deployment across your unified communications.
  • Improved cloud PBX administration tools. With GoTo Connect powering telephony behind Microsoft Teams, IT will benefit from a superior ‘installation and integration’, better ‘customer self-service portals’ and simpler ‘call flow management’ through GoTo Connect’s visual dial-plan editor. 
  • Improved Customer Support. A telephone system runs through the spine of a company, it’s a critical component of communications. When support is required, it needs to be timely and effective. The 24/7 availability of GoTo Connect’s in-house, award winning customer support team, ensures we are there for you when you need us most.

Microsoft Teams and GoToConnect are Better Together.

At GoTo, we’re focused on helping workers do their best work – from anywhere. To enable this, our goal is to provide better communication with fewer boundaries. GoTo integrations with Microsoft Teams is doing just this.

If your organization is using Microsoft Teams, but you don’t have it enabled for ‘Calls’ or synced with your ‘Phone System’, you and your employees are missing out.

With a number of different integration options available, GoTo Connect has a solution for your unique needs.

Microsoft Teams Connector

Any GoTo Connect service tier can connect to Microsoft Teams through out-of-the-box integration for an enriched feature experience. We seamlessly route calls in the Micrsoft Teams native interface.

Microsoft Teams Plugin

The Mircosoft Teams Plugin combines the trusted email, chat, and messaging service found in Microsoft Teams with GoTo Connect's best-in-class cloud telephony, including both audio and video conferencing. It's a simple, proven way to give Microsoft Teams users the power of GoTo Connect from the Microsoft Teams user interface they already trust.

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